7 Reasons To Head Down To This Fabulous Sliema Alleyway

The city's narrowest shopping mecca

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Sliema is hands down one of Malta’s shopping capitals. The seaside city offers everything from malls to designer boutiques to high-street favourites. But there's one tiny alleyway called Sqaq Ġużè Fava, connecting Tower Road to Bisazza Street that packs so much punch between its narrow walls that you ought to visit it next time you’re galavanting around the land of cappuccinos. 

And with sales now in full swing, there’s never been a better chance to check out this hotspot for yourself! 

1. Sewing Centre

Whether you need thread and buttons or not, there’s almost always a good reason to pop into a haberdashery. Keep your eyes peeled for oversized appliqué patches which are really in right now and are ever so easy to apply to an old pair of jeans or denim jacket. If 2018 is the year you’d like to take your sewing skills to the next level, you can get your hands on fringing which is sold by the meter and can be used to jazz up your weekend gear.

2. L'Allée

This gem of a boutique on the lower corner of Tower Road which opened right towards the end of last year is packed to the rafters with luxurious trinkets and rich fabric accessories such as gypsy headbands and slouchy crushed velvet pouch handbags. They also stock posh Middle Eastern fragrances which are perfect for carrying off that bohemian princess vibe. If you’re looking for a gift for the girl who’s got everything, make sure to pay L'allée a visit.

3. Garb 

What was once a souvenir and nicknack shop sporting the best holiday t-shirts and sunglasses this side of ’82 has now been transformed into a lovely little ice cream parlour and sweetie shop. You can get yourself a bite to eat in the form of a hearty sandwich and feel like you've been transported back to the milkshake parlours of the fifties. Highly recommended for those still yearning for a Magic Kiosk sundae! With so many places being gentrified in the heart of Sliema, it’s good to see you can still get a Kinder Bueno concoction and a smile from Garb, as well as a super healthy smoothie just across the square from Dr Juice.

4. Mangano

This Prêt-à-Porter designer corner-shop has stock on sale, so if you love your labels, don’t miss out on their super stylish wardrobe standouts. The cuts are flattering and out of the ordinary, and their range of accessories will have you drooling. It’s worth checking out Mangano for their outfit amplifiers alone! Mangano’s elongated leather belts, tassled handbags and oversized Guy Fawkes’ hats are head-turning. Their Spring stock will get you excited about the new season, and if you’ve been looking for a floor length Burgundy robe or a dusty pink fur gilet, this one’s for you.

5. Mdina Glass

Our national crafting treasure Mdina Glass was founded in 1968, and the heritage brand is recognised the world over. It’s not uncommon to see an Mdina Glass piece pop up on The Antiques Roadshow from time to time! With this in mind, make sure to check out their delightful chocolate box-sized Sliema store and get your hands on a new hand-blown interiors piece to jazz up your living space. Every home needs a January facelift! Will it be a swirly mantlepiece bowl or a conversation-starting vase?

6. The Plaza

Remember ascending on the escalator of yesteryear or going down to Maccy D’s for a Happy Meal in the super duper Glass Elevator? Well, the Plaza shopping mall is still going strong, and you can enter the shopper’s paradise via the quirky alleyway. Pop into old favourites like Benetton and The Body Shop for staple knitwear and cruelty-free bath treats, and look out for sales on Italian leather handbags and footwear from the ground floor. There’s nothing like a pair of quality new boots to see you into the next few chillier months.

7. De Goose

If you’ve been out battling the rails and long qeues, you’ll want to rest your tired legs and relax somewhere with all your new goodies. Don’t forget Zara - one of Malta’s largest stores - is just a stone’s throw away. Be prepared to come across throngs of fellow fashion lovers from all over the world. De Goose is a neon-rustic Maltese restaurant with kitsch decor stuck somewhere in the eighties, but if you can see past that, you and a friend can dine out tourist-style on a hearty plate of pasta with rabbit sauce and a half bottle of Maltese wine, going home feeling more than satisfied.

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