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7 Things We Learnt When Ghost Hunting In Malta

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Even the dead have stories to tell… apparently.

Most people are fascinated by ghosts, so to gauge the whole experience of trying to communicate with them, we teamed up with Malta Paranormal to meet spirits on the other side who may have been feeling a little bit chatty.

Here’s what we learnt.

1. You shouldn’t tell ghosts they’re dead

Apparently, most ghosts aren’t aware they’re dead, so letting them know they are by asking about how they died, or by talking about them in the past tense, is guaranteed to piss them off.

2. Not everyone who participates, believes

While not really believing in ghosts, some people still felt compelled to ask questions and pry deeper. Perhaps they wanted to prove it was all a hoax, perhaps because they were genuinely intrigued by the whole thing.

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3. Not everyone who believes, participates

Others, who do believe in ghosts felt weird asking the potential spirits personal questions, and simply preferred to sit back and just listen, rather than talk.

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4. You can tell good and bad ghosts by their smell

Apparently, not all spirits mean well. A quick way to tell the difference is by scent. Good spirits smell a little like Jasmine, bad ones like squashed bugs.

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5. No matter what you believe, the whole experience is amazing

Even if you’re not a big believer, hanging out in the dark and feeling the whole immersive experience is moving and fun. It’s hard to be such a non-believer you don’t feel anything as you call out into the dark.

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6. Malta has a really dark past

Ghost stories centre around spaces that have a lot of history, even more so if the place’s past is particularly gruesome. The more you look into it, the more you start to realise that Malta has really been through a lot of shit.

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7. It’s not scary, just very tense

Many people would expect the experience to be one hell of a scary time, kinda like watching a jump-scare movie, but actually the whole thing is just tense. You’re constantly waiting for a message to come through, and when it does you’re more relieved that you didn’t waste a whole night calling out, than you are scared a would-be ghost is trying to speak to you.

If this experience interests you, be sure to contact Malta Paranormal on Facebook.

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