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7 TV Shows To Binge Watch On Boxing Day

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The sun might be shining brightly outside, possibly tempting you to go out for a nice walk or lunch in the sun, but Boxing Day isn’t Boxing Day without at least six or seven hours spent vegetating on the sofa watching TV and eating leftovers. You might think you’ve already watched everything there is to watch, so we’ve made an effort to find some TV shows you might have missed that aren’t Narcos and Stranger Things.

1. The Young Pope

Jude Law slays in this gorgeous Sorrentino masterpiece as he plays a newly elected Pope who is everything you don’t expect him to be. Sit through the 10 episodes today and you won’t be disappointed. One problem: you won’t find this on Netflix but you know what to do. 

2. The Crown

Romance, politics and royalty. This isn’t the fastest pace series around, but it’s got everything else going for it. And the mentions of Malta will give you that fuzzy patriotic feeling inside. 

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3. Sense 8

Just the sort of mindfuck you can tolerate today to make you forget everything else. Just before new episodes are launched in January, it’s a perfect time to watch the whole thing and the latest two-hour Christmas special.  

4. Westworld

Anthony Hopkins is awesome in this creepy thriller about a Western-themed futuristic theme park which lets high-paying guests live out their fantasies with no consequences or retaliation from their artificial intelligence hosts.

5. Black Mirror

If you like binge viewing but can’t handle episode continuity, this is the series for you. Every episode is a new jaw-dropping film that’ll leave you thinking for days.

6. Transparent

If you’re looking for something a little funnier and more heart-warming, Transparent is a perfect combination, telling the story of an LA family who discovers their father is transgender.

7. How To Get Away With Murder

It may be cheesy, overdone and American AF but at least you know you’re not going to fall asleep. Once you get into it, you’ll be at the edge of your seat dying for the next episode. And it’s the perfect time to catch up before new episodes come out next month. 

BONUS: Wind down with the Lovin Lounge

When you’re too hungover to watch a TV show but you could use the peaceful acoustic tunes of some hot local talent.

Are you watching an awesome series you need to share with the world? List it in the comments below or on Facebook.

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