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8 Fun Things You Can Do In Malta If You’re Broke AF

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Being broke is not easy. When it comes to entertaining yourself in this dire time things get super difficult. Sometimes you need to be resourceful AF. Here are some cool things you can do when you’re too broke to function.

1. Upgrade your cooking skills

For heaven’s sake, there are so many recipes and different cuisines that you cannot go wrong here. You can try making your own dips or just raiding your cupboards to see what you can do with whatever means you’ve got.

Some of the best dishes in the world are the simple ones, so why not try to scourge both your kitchen and the internet for some tasty inspiration?

2. Walk like there’s no tomorrow

That’s right. Get off your lazy ass, grab a bottle of water and whatever you may need from your own home and start exploring your neighbourhood and any neighbouring villages.

You’d be surprised at the amount of strange and unusual gems you might come across. Malta is full of pretty structures and hidden beauty, and that’s something you definitely need to take advantage of.

3. Be kind to yourself

We’re living in a super fast-paced time when you feel like you’re wasting time if you’re not doing something. You know what? Fuck that. You really need to chill out every now and then. Just live in the moment and just be.

Whether that means taking a bath, reading a book or meditating it’s up to you, but take the time to be kind to yourself. You’re not an endless pool of resources brah.

4. Origami is a ton of fun

Seriously, we mean it. You can make paper penguins out of newspapers and those Christmas hamper magazines you keep receiving. It’s Christmas time and that means that your mailbox is stuffed, so take advantage of that.

5. Force your friends to play boardgames with you

We all know that you’re probably a sore loser, but that’s ok. Ask your friends over and hold them hostage as you dust off those games you used to love as a kid.

Ask your buddies to chip in and bring their own games on board for an alcohol-fuelled night of fighting and name calling.

6. Explore local churches

No we are not joking. The sheer amount of beauty the churches and chapels on this island have is priceless.

They’re super instagrammable and they might teach you a thing or two about appreciating heritage. Also, they’re free, so why not enjoy some cool Preti paintings if you’re into art?

7. Spring clean your house

Spring cleaning is amazing. It frees up space for more stuff, clears out all the useless clutter you own and it also makes your house look and feel cleaner.

If you have no idea what you can do with all of your old stuff, you can either donate them to charity or find a suitable marketplace to sell them off. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

8. Take up volunteering

It’s super fun and it helps you appreciate what you have in life. Most of us are privileged, so that makes us forget the stuff we need to be thankful for.

Shop around for a local charity which you might hold dear. You can volunteer at stores, with babes, dogs, cats and even cleanups. Amazing.

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