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8 Winter Ideas For The Perfect Date Night In Malta

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Winter is the season for couples. It’s got increased cuddling, Valentine’s Day, less pressure to go out and be sociable, etc. But what it delivers in comfort, it sometimes lacks in excitement and spontaneity.

Well, we’re here to help out on that front. Here’s a few ideas beyond your comfort zone (read: sofa) that you might like to try with your significant other this winter.

1. Take a boat to Fomm ir-Riħ

Talk about grand gestures – don’t bother with the long hike down to this famously gorgeous bay, get a different point of view. Maybe add a luzzu to the equation to make the whole thing all the more local.

Tip: Pack a picnic with a thermos full of luxurious hot chocolate. You’re going to want to keep warm on the open sea.

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2. Watch sunset from Dingli Cliffs

This one is easy, free, but scores super high on the wow-mometer. Don’t forget to pack a couple of blankets and torches for the walk back to the car.

Tip: Do this as a mid-week thing, it will be just the pick-me-up you both need to reinvigorate before the weekend.

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3. Serenade by the sea

Don’t let ‘not knowing how to play an instrument’ get in the way of this one. Anyone can learn how to play one song. Pick your partner’s favourite, and borrow your friend’s guitar. Even if it takes you a month to get it right, that’s five minutes of romantic-gold you’ve just secured yourself.

Tip: Take your performance to Riviera bay at dusk and don’t forget to bring some cans of beer. It’ll help with the nerves.

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4. Go to the theatre

Winter is the season for theatre, and if it’s an activity that stretches far beyond your comfort zone then it’s all the more reason to try it.

Tip: Really go for it – dress for the occasion together and take a perfectly-posed pre-theatre selfie. We all know vanity is the best aphrodisiac.

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5. Get tipsy in a cosy każin

Sometimes when couples become completely familiar with each other, they long to go back to the start when they still needed some liquid courage to reveal their personality to each other. Well, who’s stopping them? Head down to your favourite każin and get wasted together.

Tip: Try to make friends with a stranger. People’s characters really shine through when they’re first meeting someone, and all the memories of your first meeting as a couple will come flooding back.

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6. Eat pizza in Gozo

Don’t just settle for your usual pizza delivery, make an event out of it. You know you’ve missed the taste of Maxokk.

Tip: Head out a bit earlier and go for a walk around Cittadella. It’s quiet beauty will make you feel more romantic than ever.

7. Rent out a cute farmhouse

Team up with your favourite double date couple on this one and rent a cute farmhouse for a random weekend. It’s low season so it shouldn’t set you back that much.

Tip: Go off the social media grid. Switch your phone off and stack up on board games, great films, and yummy food and drink.

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8. Hire a masseuse

Bring the spa home by hiring a private masseuse. It’ll be the perfect way to unwind with your other half, and all that squeezing and rubbing is sure to get you both in the mood for more.

Tip: If you can’t afford this then do it yourself. Just get your hands on some oil and scented candles and YouTube tutorial that shit.

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Tag your boyfriend/girlfriend and get planning. You can even start tonight!

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