9 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series To Get You Through A Maltese Winter

You know the one; just cold enough to make you want to stay in

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Maltese winter is a time when all you want to do is curl up in bed, eat fatty snacks and stare at the TV or laptop.

Where all you want to do is binge-watch show after show, wearing your lazy pants and gobbling down Pringles by the tub. We feel you.

Here are nine series available on Netflix that will make you forget that it’s winter. Or the opposite, make you wish it remains winter for a while.

1. Dark

If you loved Stranger Things, you will immediately fall in love with Dark. Only harder and in an almost obsessive way.

This German thriller centres around disappearing children, crumbling relationships, mysteries and internal struggles. If you’re someone who gets super frustrated by plot holes, worry not; Dark has an airtight logic and an amazing soundtrack.

2. Requiem

This British favourite is only six episodes long, but if you’re into creepy stuff and complicated plots, go for it.

It revolves around a Welsh town and a disappearing child. No we’re not super into disappearing children stories, it’s just that we haven’t seen any proper horror in years.

3. Life

If you don’t want to irk yourself with troublesome plots and mysterious happenings, settle yourself for a night of relaxing visual beauty. Narrated by David Attenborough, Life is all about how amazing our planet is.

This nerve-melting overdose of visual pleasure explores the behaviour of all living things on our planet. From plants to animals, this series explores struggles, habitats, behaviour, reproduction and death. It’s not only educational and visually pleasing, but it also goes really well with that late night joint you indulge in occasionally.

4. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This weirdly mystifying and insane series is a mixture of comedy and sci-fi. Nonsense and mystery are the main themes here, so it's perfect for an entertaining wintery binge.

If you like science fiction, time travel, corgis and mystery, give this one a try. It revolves around the theory that everything in the universe is connected. It’s a detective story full of blurred lines and ethereal aesthetics.

5. Santa Clarita Diet

This is a series with a different and fresh take on the undead. It’s nothing like The Walking Dead or whatever zombie series many people are currently binging on. Santa Clarita Diet gives an interesting take on character development, so if you’re into that, it’s a giant plus.

It’s really easy to get hooked on this one, mostly due to the hilarity of it all. The story centres around a family trying to come to terms with the fact that the mother turns into a zombie overnight.

It’s a bit gory, so if you’re squeamish it might be a bit much for you.

6. First and Last

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This is one of the most emotionally gruelling productions we’ve ever seen. This docu-series looks into the first and last days of new inmates, and those who are yet to be released.

It’s heart-wrenching, and it might make you cry, but it’s centred around an important reality. It’s a bit intense at times and slightly light at others.

Don’t expect too much lightness though; it’s a bleak documentary which might drain you emotionally during some of its moments.

7. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is not overly scary, but it does have some seriously good character build up and is being touted as one of the best horrors of the last couple decades. The series tells the story of an unbelievably unfortunate family haunted by misery, lost hope and frailties.

It’s a treat for all horror fans who are easily creeped out though, we promise you that. It’s extremely easy to binge on this one.

The ghosts are pretty convincing and the storyline is tragic AF. Enjoy.

8. Making A Murderer 2

Finally, the series that got thousands of people all around the world hooked on Netflix in the first place is finally back.

If you enjoy feeling frustrated and being angry at your laptop, this is the perfect show for you. This utterly insane docu-series will make you lose faith in humanity, so avoid it if you’re feeling a bit fragile right now.

It’s as dense as a store bought pudina. Even if you’re convinced of the alleged wrongful conviction, it will still make you feel a vast array of emotions, from disgust to empathy and desperation.

9. BoJack Horseman

If you’re not into feeling bleak and having existential crises every couple of episodes, do yourself a favour and skip this one.

This animated series tells the story of a depressed middle-aged washed up alcoholic horse who has no purpose in life. Even if that sounds terribly bleak, it's actually extremely easy to get hooked on BoJack.

It portrays depression in a very real way, along with denial and toxic behaviour.

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Written By

Chiara Micallef