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9 Cool Things To Do On Date Night In Malta That Aren’t ‘Dinner And A Movie’

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Whether you’re looking for something to do on a first date, or have been in a relationship for ages and are bored of doing the same thing on date night; Malta is actually full of exciting things to do with your significant other.

And if you’re eternally single and automatically started to feel bitter when you saw this headline; these activities are actually super fun for a group outing too!

1. Go for a hike

We have loads of beautiful trails you could follow on our island. Malta’s climate is generally the perfect combination of sunny and cloudy; the ideal weather for hiking.

2. Go bowling

…or disco bowling!

Indulge in your competitive spirit and engage in a friendly game of bowling. Eden Super Bowl even offers Disco Bowling every Friday, so you can get your party on at the same time.

3. Organise a Laser Tag or Paintball game

Have your ’10 Things I Hate About You’ moment with your significant other by pretending to shoot them with lasers or paint. So romantic.

4. Watch a film at the Cinema Bar by Citylights

Ok, I know I said it wouldn’t be dinner and a movie but this isn’t your average movie night. Situated in what used to be Malta’s porn cinema, the Cinema Bar screens loads of classic and quirky cult films on a daily basis – and entrance is free!

5. Walk some dogs at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary allows volunteers to visit their shelter and take the dogs up for adoption on a walk! But be careful, you’ll probably want to walk away with all of them.

6. Visit a museum

Malta has loads of museums that you can visit to check out some super cool local art. And many of them have free entrance too, so you can keep the date affordable.

Three of our favourite ones can be found in Valletta; Valletta Contemporary, Blitz, and Spazju Kreattiv.

7. Try out an Escape Room

There’s nothing like being trapped in a tiny room together for an hour to test your ability to work together and strengthen your power as a couple.

8. Watch a performance at the theatre

Here in Malta we are truly blessed with an abundance of great theatre, music and dance events that happen almost every weekend. So whether you want to go get educated and watch a Mozart recital, or a Shakespeare play, or catch a comedy show; there’s something for everyone.

9. Join a cookery class

So that you could make your cake and eat it together! Or your risotto, pork, foie gras, lobster ravioli… you get the drift.

BONUS: Stay in and build a fort

Wow, the most cliché thing I have ever written; but there’s beauty in staying home. Order some pizza or Chinese food, pick a movie from Netflix, drink some wine, and cuddle up.

Tag somebody who you want to take out on a date!

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