9 Of The Best Running Spots In Malta

Beautiful scenery to inspire your workout

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Malta's got some sweet running paths. And with people like Italian Olympic gold medallist Gelindo Bordin coming over to Malta to take part in the Gozo marathon, Malta's running areas may finally be getting the love that they deserve. 

Here are nine of the best running spots in Malta.

1. Victoria Lines

One of the highest elevations in the archipelago, and you are practically assured a solo run. Expect steep gradients and lots of track differences.

Victoria Lines Malta 1

2. Outer Mdina 

Elevated, with views of the picturesque fields below, and centuries old fortifications surrounding you - it can only be Mdina. Malta's previous capital has a lot of hidden secrets, and being an incredible spot for a cardio workout is one of them. 

Head to the outer roads and use the perimeter of the city as your track - bonus points if you can do a complete circle of Mdina.

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3. Dingli Cliffs

250 metres above sea level, and with some of the most ferocious views in Malta, there's a reason Dingli's cliffs are popular for athletes. Try and aim to be ending your run around sunset, to enjoy the beautiful views at the end of day.

Dingli Veiws

4. Mosta outskirts

Head towards the Mosta valley area, and utilise the flat ground between the valley and the Mcast building. There's also some steep hills to take advantage of if you need.

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5. The Coast Road

The coast road enjoys coastal scenery, big changes in elevation, and some tough gradient changes - don't let the seaside feel trick you, a jog from Qawra to Pembroke is more challenging than you think.


6. Around Valletta's fortifications

A morning jog around Valletta's fortifications is a beautiful way to start the day, as well as being great practice for the Malta Marathon. You'll be enjoying the views so much you won't realise the kilometres flying by.

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7. Wied Babu / Żurrieq

Look at Filfa as you run around Wied Babu in Żurrieq, and enjoy one of the least known promenades in Malta all for yourself.


8. Ġgantija temples

The prehistoric temples are surrounded by the perfect land for some running, and having the temples within eye view is always going to help to inspire that extra bit of determination.

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9. Ta' Qali 

A large green area with optional steep hills and even large staircases if that's your thing? There's literally no reason to ever look past Ta' Qali if that's what you are looking for.

Full Ta Qali National Park 3

BONUS: Sliema promenade 

The place to run if you like dogs and want to stop every 5 minutes to chat to someone you recognise. Pretty much anyone who has run in Malta has run here, but that doesn't mean it's not actually a super run.

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What is you favourite running route in Malta? Let us know in the comments below.

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