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9 Scenic Routes Around Malta Perfect For A Winter Drive

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This time of the year is the perfect time to get into your car and head for the open roads. Sure, it’s chilly and raining, but doesn’t that beat the suffocating summer heat? 

Here are nine towns and villages that offer some of the most beautiful scenic routes you can take in Malta, and a suggestion of where to stop at each destination.

1. Mġarr

Even if it’s one of the smallest villages in Malta, Mġarr has a number of beautiful drives. If you’re coming from Rabat, there’s a road that takes you past Binġemma, with an impressive view of half the island on your right. 

If instead you take the backroads of the village, you’ll end up on the Northwest side of Malta, eventually finding yourself at beautiful Ġnejna beach; the perfect place to stop for a bit and go out for a walk. 

If it’s still too cold, then perhaps consider just chilling in the car. No pun intended.

2. The Three Cities

If you’re looking for something a little different, go for history over countryside. Cottonera offers some of the most pleasantly quaint scenery, especially if you choose a time where there isn’t much traffic (perhaps early weekday afternoons or Sunday evenings might be best). To top it all off, stop at the Birgu Waterfront for a cup of coffee with some beautiful views of Valletta to warm you up.

3. Żurrieq

Most of the scenic drives in Malta will have the sea featuring in one way or another, but Żurrieq takes that one step further. As soon as you pass through Siġġiewi’s gorgeous countryside outskirts, you’ll instantly feel the fresher air, and with Filfla standing tantalizingly close on the horizon, it feels like the world is your oyster. 

Stop by the side of the road at any point and sit on the wooden benches, and if you dare – look down. The view from up there is insane.

4. Mellieħa

The drive down from Mellieħa to Għadira is one of the most iconic images branded in the collective memory of the Maltese. 

Whether you choose to take the route from the village center or the drive that puts Xemxija and Pwales valley on your left, this route is as scenic as they get. The drive also comes with various perfect stops along the way, from Popeye’s Village and Għadira Bay to The Red Tower. All these make your drive up to the North well worth it. 

5. Rabat

Once you reach the top of Saqqajja hill, you have so many amazing choices; stay for a while and check out some amazing hangouts in Rabat, turn right and head to Mdina and hang out in style within the old fortified city, or turn left and make your way to Buskett. 

Finally, if you want to (literally) go that extra mile, keep on going until you get to Dingli which offers some of the most inspiring views on the island.

6. Żonqor

Make the most of this area before towers and universities inevitably start cropping up here with a drive along the coast and a quick stop in the middle of this as-of-yet untouched countryside. 

7. Għargħur

There are a couple of ways to get through Għargħur, but whether you’re coming from the side of Naxxar or Madliena, you’ll soon realise that Għargħur really is one of the most beautiful places in Malta

Head up to Top of the World for a scenic stop, or down to the Għargħur Valley for a proper taste of Malta countryside.

8. Coast Road

The only road in Malta that deserves a video… sure it was a parody video, but a video nonetheless. 2016 saw the return of the Coast Road after having been closed for what felt like an eternity, and the views of Malta’s Northeastern coastline have now finally met roads that don’t feel like the moon’s surface.

9. Gozo

Ok, it might not seem to fair to choose an entire island, but seeing as it can take you under thirty minutes to cross all of Gozo, Malta’s smaller sister is full of scenic routes. If we’re pressed to choose only one, we’d definitely go for the Ta’ Pinu area.

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