A Big Party Celebrating A Historic Moment In Malta's History Is Going Down At Castille Square

It's all happening Wednesday

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As the final vote on legalising same-sex marriage in Malta goes down in parliament this Wednesday, a big party will be held just up the road, at Castille Square. The celebration will feature top performers from across the island, and will also be showing the Marriage Equality Vote Live on a big screen. 

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This of course marks the confidence with which everyone expects the legislation to pass, as both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and ex-leader of the opposition Simon Busuttil have shown their support and told their respective parties to vote in favour of the marriage equality bill and ran on the platform of doing so during this year's general election.

The bill faced some controversy over the fact that it would be removing terms like wife, husband, mother and father from birth certificates and replacing them with the gender-neutral terms like spouse and parent (specifically, the parent who gave birth and the parents who didn't), but it's basically guaranteed to pass with just a few exceptions.

The Netherlands was the first European country to legalise same-sex marriage all the way back in 2001, with Germany becoming the latest last week. Since then, more than 20 other nations have followed suit.

After winning 2017's snap election, Joseph Muscat had said that gay marriage would be one of his first priorities, telling the BBC that "Malta wants to keep leading on LGBT issues and civil liberties, to serve as a model for the rest of the world."

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The party at Castille will start at around 7.30pm, and more information can be found in the announcement on gaymalta.com

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