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Here are 7 Courses To Sink Your Teeth Into This New Year In Malta

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You’ve probably said the phrase ‘new year, new me’ as a joke before, but a new year really does open up a world of possibilities for you to grow. If you’ve been putting off starting the gym, taking that trip, or starting that course, then the new year will be your time to shine. 

Expand your knowledge and learn something new with these seven insightful learning opportunities by 21 Academy

1. European Union Law 

With lectures happening every Monday and Thursday evening, you can easily go about your normal day-to-day routine whilst also learning something new. Serving as a basic introduction, you will learn invaluable things about the European Union and how it functions. 

2. Introduction to Business Law – The Maltese Legal Context

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, already run your own business or work in an executive position within a company this could be the course for you. Start here! This course will provide you with some valuable insights regarding how the rules and regulations revolving around Maltese businesses work. 

3. Training the Trainer

This course focuses on training individuals who already find themselves in employment and want to train their colleagues, it also addresses those who regularly have to present presentations, helping people gain skills in design an effective presentation. This training the trainer course acts as a space where participants can share knowledge and experiences to help improve the rest of the classes skills and workflow. 

Top tip: The course is useful for students who wish to up their presentation game and ace that assessment.

4. Biology of People at the Workplace 

It’s no secret that humans are complicated. How we communicate, present ourselves, and everything in between can get lost in translation. That’s why  21 Academy have come up with a course that will delve into how to communicate more effectively with the world around you. 

5. Office Ergonomics 

This course is all about learning how to view a space in terms of how it can best serve you.

Training those selling or manufacturing office furniture to understand and suggest work-stations that are more suitable for the needs of each individual. 

How can you take a normal everyday office and turn it into an engaging workspace which will challenge your employees without putting them at risk? 

6. Payroll Fundamentals

This course like all of 21 Academy’s courses has been designed locally and thus addresses all Payroll computation issues in accordance with Maltese legislation. A look at data privacy will also be taken, to ensure that you know how to keep your co-workers’ data safe. This course is a practical one so you can learn as you go.

7. Course for Data Protection Officers/Leads

The main learning objectives include the development and in-depth knowledge of methods of GDPR as they are updated and as a whole in Malta aswell as learning the skills to support an organisation when implementing and assessing these new requirements.

This course is the perfect place to hone in on your decision making skills and improve your analytical mind in the context of personal data protection.


It is completely normal for something to go wrong in the workplace, but do you know how to deal with it in a professional manner? Investigating potential misconduct in the workplace can be a tricky situation, which is why this webinar is aimed at giving you the tools and knowledge on how to best tackle these situations. 

Payroll 2022

Even if you aren’t looking for something as serious as a course, 21 Academy also have webinars. In this one, you will be taking a look at all of the details when it comes to national insurance, taxes, and how overtime pay works. In just two hours, you can really learn a lot about something that affects everyone in the workplace. 

Learn with 21 Academy!

These seven courses are not the only learning opportunities 21 Academy offer. With a whole load of courses, workshops and webinars spanning across the various fields, 21 Academy will help make you better. 

With tailor-made courses for Malta, these learning opportunities will not only help you grow as a person, but they will also help make you more employable. 

Courses begin between January and March 2022, making these courses the perfect opportunity for you to take some time for yourself and really better your understanding of certain topics.

21 Academy know how difficult it can be to work and study at the same time, which is why their course times are suitable for office workers, with the added benefit of having some online classes. 

You can get 75% off your course fees through the various schemes available such as the Training Pays Scheme or the Get Qualified Scheme.

Even your employer can receive up to 70% off through the Investing in Skills Scheme if they opt to pay for your training at 21 Academy.

From business to law, 21 Academy will help provide you will all of the necessary tools to move forward in your career. You can never know too much about anything, which is why keeping yourself updated and learning on the job are two key factors of an amazing employee. 

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