This The Only Train Malta Needs And It's Made Entirely Of Chocolate

Any chocoholics out there?


If you've ever dreamt of being in the presence of literally dozens of kilos of chocolate, then we have some amazing news for you. The Marina Hotel in St. Julian's is now the home of this monstrous treat.

The whole thing weighs a whopping 112kg, the majority of which is pure, delicious chocolate.


Pastry Chef Claudio and Head Chef Nicky Vella

The chefs created this edible winter-wonderland using 65kgs of chocolate, 16kg of icing sugar, 15kg of cocoa butter, 12kg of gingerbread dough and 4kgs of cocoa powder - and you thought making mince pies with nanna was a challenge!

Set up in the Marina Hotel's lobby, the sculpture is on display for anyone who wishes to be in the presence of a true chocolate behemoth.

Train 2

The hotel's maintenance department crafted a strong wooden structure to serve as a base for the construction of the train, with several key structural aspects containing wood paneling to assist the weight of the chocolate. 

Once this was done, the project was handed over to the Chef Claudio who took over the major chocolate works. The final stages saw Head Chef Nicky Vella help piece the whole thing together.

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