Best Charity Shops To Curb Your Treasure Hunt Needs In Malta

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Everybody loves to make a bargain, especially here in Malta where we are known to go ballistic when we can buy stuff for a steal. We have compiled a list of six Charity Shops where you can find hidden gems and treasures while donating to a good cause. 

These shops also accept clothes, ornaments, games, furniture and book donations in good condition. So if you need to make some wardrobe or shelf space, do not hesitate to drop off your goods at one of these amazing charity shops. 

1. Happy Paws - Marsaskala

Happy Paws in Marsaskala is an airy and clean shop which offers an unbelievable selection of vintage clothes, shoes and bags. The book section is so organised that it can easily be declared a bookworm’s wet dream. Books are organised according to genre and very neatly displayed on easy to reach shelves. No dusty books are to be found here — the volunteers keep this shop squeaky clean. 

Walking into this shop is enough to get your hands itching to buy something. The volunteers at this outlet do a great job at running it efficiently and the stock is constantly kept in order. 

2. Happy Paws - Santa Venera

This is the shop. The Santa Venera store is so organised, regular shops should take a lesson or two from it. The clothes are clean and some of them even brand new — sectioned according to occasion, colour and season. What more can we ask for? The board games section is also very well organised and the books are immaculately kept in pristine condition.

3. MSPCA Warehouse - Naxxar

The Warehouse in Naxxar houses numerous treasures which you can get your hands on for a reasonable price. Pool tables, dining tables, chairs, beds and desks are among the few treasures you can find at the MSPCA Warehouse in Naxxar. This Warehouse basically houses bulkier items such as furniture and exercise machines, again, things are well organised and kept in a good condition. 

4. MSPCA Charity Shop - Sliema

This is where you go for rare finds. The Sliema charity shop is the sensible counterpart of the Naxxar Warehouse. It houses the less bulky merchandise like clothing, books, paintings and the other usual stuff. The Sliema ship does not hold much proper vintage clothing but it still has a good book collection where rare finds are not as difficult to find. 

5. PAWS - San Gwann

PAWS is the kind of shop where you need to dig through items to find your treasures as some of the ornamental pieces are kept in boxes instead of on display. The clothing items are very 90’s so for those of you who need to get their Fresh Prince look on point, this charity shop is where you need to be digging around. Clothes section is organised and no piles are left around. This San Gwann shop also houses smaller furniture like desks and standing units. 

6. PAWS - Mosta

The Mosta shop closes fairly early, however it’s worth a visit especially when knowing that they house the kitschiest 90’s house ornament collection in Malta. If you need to buy glass bottles or vials this is the place to go.

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Chiara Micallef