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Best Series To Watch As Maltese Winter Approaches

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Winter is coming, which in Malta means – well, not much in terms of weather until January/February. But there is still that general shift in mood where the entire nation ditches the Aperol spritzes on a Sunday night and instead cosies in with a (light) blanket and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. 

We’ve picked a few gems you need to be watching this season, and there’s something for everyone (you’re welcome):

1. For the thrill-seekers

Game of Thrones

Most of the world has already is still mourning the end of GOT’s sixth season which came to be earlier this summer. But for the three people on the planet who still haven’t caught up – this last season is dark, death-filled and full of mystery (it’s the only season – so far – which isn’t already written in the novels A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin on which the series is based).

Stranger Things 

The Netflix original became a word-of-mouth hit just as the GOT buzz was subsiding. If you haven’t yet caught up with this sci-fi-horror drama you should get on it. The plot follows the disappearance of a young boy and a telekinetic girl and the search by their loved ones. It’s also set in the 80s – whats not to love? 

How To Get Away With Murder 

For those who prefer the lighter side of thrills – HTGAWM is what you need. Shonda Rhimes at her best – really fast paced murder mysteries packed with cheesy American dialogue and over acting that you’ll either love or hate.

133492 You Dont Watch Game Of Thrones Gn R7

2. For the history buffs

The Crown

Released only two days ago, this quietly decadent historical-drama about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign is not to be missed. If not just for the wonderfully restrained script and movingly sensitive performances – it gives a heart-warming shout out to Malta in its first episode (and beyond), describing how the Queen and Prince Philip yearned for their life on our little rock. It’s a beautiful show, written by Peter Morgan, who also scripted the 2006 film The Queen. 

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

If you haven’t already watched the ten-part docu drama about the infamous O.J. Simpson trial then it’s time to invest. For those of you too young to remember the events as they took place, this incredible story will seem like make-believe. For those of you who do remember it happening, it’s a vital trip down memory lane highlighting one of the most defining legal trials of our generation. Also it has John Travolta with crazy eyebrows in it – why would you not?

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3. For the lols

Modern Family

Modern Family has never lost its edge. It’ll have you laughing out loud but will also warm your heart when you need it most this winter. 

South Park

The latest season includes a hilarious commentary on the US election, featuring a giant douche (Trump) and a turd sandwich (Hillary).

Raw 4

4. For the Sci-Fi fans


Two words: Jack Sawyer. He’s back – thank you TV gods. Also it’s a dystopian sci-fi drama set in a Los Angeles that has been colonised by extra-terrestrials. And Sawyer is in it. 

Wayward Pines

This new sci-fi series describes a dystopian future where the very survival of the human race teeters on a knife edge as the protagonists fight enemies from within and without. The pilot was directed by M. Night Shyamalan who brought us Sixth Sense and Signs – and we love us some apocalyptic sci-fi vibes.

Giphy 21

5. For the dark mofos

Black Mirror

Charlie Brooker and his team of writers have moved to Netflix for their third season of this bleak and foreboding series. This season fans have been gifted with six episodes instead of the usual three. Quality has not dwindled, the new episodes are dark, clever and realistically stark. The new episode tackle do cover some untouched themes: death, afterlife and the eco-system; and for the first time ever one is set in the past.

Black Mirror San Junipero Gugu Mbatha Raw

6. For the crime lovers


A new miniseries about the fraud scheme of Bernard Madoff, a former stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier. The show, which is merely 4 episodes long, has received rave reviews. It’s also going to so much fun asking your friends “have you seen the last episode of Madoff madoff?!”

Giphy Facebook S Jpg

BONUS: For the documentary junkies

Audrey & Daisy

This harrowing Netflix documentary covers the story of two young girls who were sexually assaulted in their respectively small-town America homes. The features focuses on the social-media aftermath of both of the girls’ stories, and the dire reality of living in small communities where everyone knows who you are. Ring a bell?

Before The Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio travels around the world for three years, trying to learn how climate change and the destruction of our environment will affect both developed and developing nations. It’s scary, but real. You can watch it right here

Maxresdefault 3

Any we’ve left out? Tell us your faves in the comments section on Facebook!

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