Channel Your Inner Tomb Raider In An Underwater Shipwreck This Saturday In Gozo

You can't say no to shipwrecks and Phoenician treasures

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Heritage Malta and the University of Malta are organising a long-awaited exploration of the Phoenician Shipwreck discovered off Xlendi in 2007. Working hand in hand with a with a number of partners over the last ten years, much study has gone into the 7th century BC Phoenician galley which has been attracting worldwide attention ever since.

The inauguration of this exhibition include explainers on production, trade, exchange, consumption and techniques used in the archaic Mediterranean. Visitors are encouraged to attend and explore the artefacts recovered from the 110 metre-deep seabed using audio-visual aids to submerge themselves into an underwater world of ancient treasures.

The experience will held at the Gozo Area Office Exhibition Hall at the Cittadella on Saturday 22nd September

If you want get your history buff on but will be stuck in Malta over the weekend, why not head on a cruise around Fort St. Angelo instead? This cruise will be exploring the majestic fortifications and beautiful architecture of the Grand Harbour. You'll also get a guided tour of the fort, Birgu's peninsula and insight into how this fort helped shape Malta's history.

The cruise will kick off at 19:00 and will be depart from the Birgu Waterfront.

You can book your tickets for this event here

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