Check Out The Incredible Lights, Shadows And Silhouettes Of Malta

There's never a dull weekend in Malta!

Mg 8769

Perhaps the most popular facade of the night, many passers by stopped to look at and take photos with this house; whose candles hung in perfect symmetry. 

Seemingly unplanned (at least to our knowledge), this weekend's events organised around Malta and Gozo revolved around giving new light to old towns. Candles lit up one side of the islands in Birgu, as fjakkoli flickered on the complete opposite side, in Gozo's Santa Lucija. While all this was happening, Floriana’s underground tunnel, like Fort St.Angelo, was dancing with silhouettes and shadows, an event that takes place only once a year.

Check out the best shots from this weekend of  lights, shadows and silhouettes below:

Mg 8817

Someone takes a photo of an archway of candles hanging within plastic bottles.

Mg 8671

Shadows of people walking by light up the fortified walls of Fort St.Angelo.

Mg 8753

A tourist sets up a tripod as she poses and takes photos of herself amongst the candles.

Mg 8833

Doors of houses were left open for people passing by to lookin into and admire. Here, a woman comes out of her house. Many ‘prosits’ were received, as spectators congratulated the residents on their decorations, which change annually

Mg 8845

Candles illuminate a garage door. 

Mg 8928

Two people stop to observe the walls of Floriana’s Underground Tunnel, the Black Tunnel, or ‘Il-Mina s-Sewda’. 

Mg 8924

Spectators observe the wires and tree roots found hanging in Floriana’s Underground Tunnel. The tunnel dates back to the 1880’s and was part of the Genna ta’ Gonna activities. 

Mg 8984

The town looked spectacular from a distance, and was interesting to see that, as you get up closer to what is creating that light effect, it is nothing but many single sources of light, gleaming from grocery cans of products such as tomatoes and dog food.

Mg 8964

A tourist puts on her torch as she observes the multitude of lights illuminating the town.

Mg 9005

A boy stops to take a photo of Santa Lucija, from Triq l-Gharb.

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Joanna Demarco

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