Chinese Master Kite Builder Gearing Up For Adorable Ceremony In Buskett Tomorrow

Guo Hongli is about to add a touch of colour to the island's skies

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An excitingly cute workshop is coming to Buskett's Verdala Palace tomorrow, and it's all courtesy of The President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. 

Teaming up with the Chinese Cultural Centre in Malta, the Foundation has invited a master kite builder - yes, a master kite builder - Mr Guo Hongli, to teach school children how to build their own kites. 


The event will be part of The President’s Foundation’s goal to promote diversity and peace-building while working towards inclusion. For the past week, Mr Hongli has been touring schools in Malta and Gozo to teach both children and teachers how to build the cutest traditional Chinese kites in the universe, how to repair them and also how to fly them like champs.


This lovely venture will culminate tomorrow at the Verdala Palace, where more than 200 school children will gather with Mr Hongli to fly their pretty kites during a kite-flying ceremony. The event will also see a traditional Chinese Kite show, discussions with the children, and kite-repairing workshops with Hongli himself

The event is not open to the public, but if you're anywhere in the area and happen to see some beautiful, winged paper creatures in the sky, just know that the source behind them is even more adorable than you would've initially thought.


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Chiara Micallef