5 Maltese Dungeons And Dragons Characters

It's not just for geeks anymore

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Dungeons and Dragons, the role-playing phenomenon from the 70s, has recently seen a spike in popularity. From Community to Stranger Things, the game is everywhere. And everywhere includes our tiny island.

Here are some Maltese roles you can squeeze into (or pepper into your games), to make your homebrew a little more, homely.

1. Foshilg Vern

Human Fighter

Foshilg and their family were forced to flee from their farmlands at a young age after an evil emperor took their lands to build a skyport. Seeking vengeance, Foshilg turned to being a mercenary to train their skills and earn some coin.

Adventuring motivation: Foshilg will stop at nothing to see the evil emperor's copycats stopped. The man himself has long since died, but the greedy overlords that follow still breathe. 


2. Tal'Mu Żew

Dwarf Cleric

Tal'mu is a short, stout dwarf with a passion for long walks and flicking through religious texts. Usually found skulking around their mother's basement, Tal'mu is an awkward creature, but wears their religion proudly on their chest (in the shape of a tiny pin).

Adventuring motivation: Tal'mu hopes to fight the evils of the world, drawing power from the divine by preserving their virginity beneath layers of baggy clothes and bad hairstyles.


3. Chiarosco Iraniello

Half-Elf Bard

Following their success in a large, Feywild-wide talent contest, Chiarosco teleported to the Prime Material Plane in the hopes of making it outside their small hometown. They quickly found out that breaking into the industry out here is not as easy as it seems.

Adventuring motivation: they feel adventuring will give them the real life experiences needed to really relate with their fans.


4. De'la Wiġi

Human Wizard

A gifted child from a young age, De'la Wiġi went to the best schools to learn about dark and special magics. Constantly complimented on their smarts, De'la grew up believing they could be anything they wanted in the world. The harsh reality of life soon caught up with them, and after months of unemployment, they've turned to adventuring.

Adventuring motivation: aside from earning a living wage, De'la is also desperate to prove to everyone they got top marks in the exams they sat for 15 years ago.


5. Dommie Fenekatoff

Gnome Rogue

Marred by the political turbulence that has rocked their family, Dommie turned to a life of crime to get their thrills. Sneaking drugs and picking pockets are the only thrills that keep Dommie sane. He's not bothered with the warring 'red vs blue' that the Fenekatoffs have been a part of for years untold.

Adventuring motivation: Dommie is desperate to leave the dinnertime politics in his past, and head out into the great unknown on an adventure full of treasures to steal.

Gnome Rogue

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