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Everything The Maltese Can Do In That Extra Hour We’re Getting When The Clocks Turn Back

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This Saturday night, clocks are going back one hour for winter. The tradition, which started over 100 years ago during the First World War, will this year happen on Sunday 29th October at 2am. 

Here’s everything you can do with that extra hour you’ll be gaining when the clocks all turn back to 1am during your Saturday night out.

1. Spend more guilt-free time getting ready

If you thought this was going to be just about women taking long to put on their make-up, think again. 

Men spend just as much time getting ready for a night out, what with most of them having entire conversations with themselves in the mirror. 

If you’ve always felt a little guilty and tried to rush yourself into getting ready quicker, don’t this weekend; you’ll be gaining a whole hour by 2am anyway.

2. Extend the already long pre-drinks

Pre-drinking in Malta is a tradition which already puts certain nights out in jeopardy. We make such a big deal out of drinking with friends before going out to drinking with friends, that the first part of the night ends up becoming just as important as the second. 

Make the most of Saturday night’s extra hour and extend pre-drinks by 60 whole minutes. Why not?

3. Watch three extra episodes of your favourite TV show

If you’d much rather stay in and binge-watch your favourite series, you’ve just been given the perfect excuse to watch 60 extra minutes. That’s three episodes if you’re watching a comedy series, or an entire episode of your favourite drama.

4. Feel bad for all the people who need to work one more hour

If there’s one thing people working a night shift while other people enjoy themselves hate, it’s having to work another hour. Keep this in consideration if you meet a particularly surly barman or worker this weekend; put yourself in their shoes, and you’re bound to understand.

5. Try and make it to multiple events in one night

What with it being Halloween weekend, there’s a shitload of things to do this weekend.

Saturday night tends to be one of the busiest, so chances are you’re going to have to decide on only one event. Well, not this time; an extra hour at that time means enough time to leave the party, make your way to another one, and turning it up all over again.

BONUS: Sleep it off

Who are we kidding? Most of us won’t even realise what hit us, as our phones automatically turn back the time, and we wake up on Sunday morning feeling slightly more rested.

Tag someone who’ll be out partying on Saturday night… and someone else who’ll be fast asleep.

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