February In Malta Is All About The Music

And these nine events are here to prove it


We've already seen how February's schedule is full of great parties around Malta – but that's not all there is to do in the year's shortest month. 

With live gigs from every genre happening just about every weekend, this is the month where music comes first:

1. Blaze Bayley Live in Malta – 11th February

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Former Wolfsbane / Iron Maiden vocalist, current solo artist, Blaze Bayley will be giving a live performance in Malta this February. A shuttle service will run between Manoel Island and the Orpheum Theatre – where the performance will be going down – meaning this will probably be one crazy-packed night.

2. Promise Keeper Live in Malta – 11th February

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February will see a bunch of foreign talent hitting the Maltese stage – and this act's another prime import. William Fussell, formerly of Atlanta-based post-punk band Mood Rings, will be dropping by as part of his extensive European tour. 

Also playing on the night, will be two members from Brodu, who are known to have produced some of the best Maltese songs ever. Also featuring DJ partners-in-crime – Karl Baldacchino and Kurt C. Calleja.

3. Valentines Day a La Rouge – 14th February

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If you're looking for something different to do this Valentine's Day, then Electro Lobster Project has got you covered with a dinner and burlesque show. Featuring some great classic tunes from a time when radio wasn't even a thing.

4. nosnow/noalps' 10 Year Anniversary Concert – 17th February

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nosnow/noalps have hit the double digits, they've been on the scene for 10 years and they're celebrating it with a performance featuring their present lineup and some of their past members. 

This one's as much for the diehard fans as it is for those who might not be familiar with the band's work. Just get ready to experience a summary of a decade's worth of local hits.

5. The Malta Eurosong 2017 – 18th February

With the 16 finalists ready to go, Malta's Eurovision 2017 song will be chosen in just a couple of weeks. You already know the drill; you're either going to stay in and unabashedly watch the whole show without blinking. Or stay in and make fun of it whilst, ironically, still watching it. 

6. Carnival Weekend – 24th February

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If you want to stick to tradition and drink the weekend away with friends in a random farmhouse in the middle of Gozo, the last weekend of February is the perfect time for it. Bets are now open on the most popular costume to feature in the streets of Nadur! 

Of course, even if the holiday is mostly about costumes and alcohol, look out for a long list of parties around the island, with music being the best backdrop for the long weekend. And if previous years are anything to go by, get ready to hear this year's Maltese winning song for the Eurovision a couple of dozen times. 

7. It's a Soul Thing - Dead Edition – 24th February

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Electro Lobster Project will be taking care of Carnival weekend by with a special edition of their It's A Soul Thing concept. This time, it's honouring all the fallen celebrities of 2016, with a dress-up theme and prizes on the night. 

8. Freedom Fighters' Reggae Event – 25th February

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Freedom Fighters' annual February reggae event is back, and while the whole day includes talks, workshops and great food, it's of course also going to feature a whole lot of music and dancing. DJ sets and live sessions will set the mood for the evening, so come geared up for a long afternoon of good music and good vibes. 

9. Skarlet Live at Chalet – 25th February

If you're looking for a classy way to end to your month, check out the newly-opened Chalet's Saturday Live Acts. The last weekend of February will see Skarlet hit the stage, who have amassed online popularity with their exquisitely-executed covers. 

What are you looking forward to the most this February? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who's up for some good live music!

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