Here Are All The Cool Events Going Down During Malta's Fashion Revolution Week

From a clothes swapping party, an upcycle workshop to a free repair cafe!

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Cover image: Sacha Attard Yeon

Fashion Revolution Week is returning to Malta between April 22nd and 28th and there'll be some cool events on every single day for all the conscientious fashionistas out there.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement which pushes for a more sustainable fashion industry, and it's bringing a host of great events to our tiny island. Here's what to look out for.

1. A documentary screening event

On Monday 22nd April (which is also Earth Day 2019), Fashion Revolution Malta have teamed up with Żibel to show a special documentary screening called River Blue (trailer).

The movie will focus on the water global crisis and there will be a special discussion panel particularly shedding light on Malta's water scarcity and issues.

2. An upcycle workshop

A two-hour upcycling workshop which will teach you all you need to know and what is needed to upcycle your unwanted textiles into something new and wearable.

3. A bizzilla workshop

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In this bizzilla workshop, you'll learn all about the tradition and be given the skills to create some stunning lace!

4. A natural dye parent & kid workshop

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This workshop will consist of a three-hour workshop in the stunning Villa Bologna. It'll happen right around the Easter break, so it's the perfect activity to do with your kids.

Activities will include vegetable picking, veg dyeing and enjoying a lovely healthy lunch served with the same ingredients use to dye fabric!

5. Levi's Repair Cafe

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Model: Shannon Briffa; Photo by Tyler Calleja Jackso

Fashion Revolution invites you to bring between a couple of items from your wardrobes each to get them repaired by tailors.

Oh, and this repair cafe is completely free of charge!

6. A clothes-swapping party

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A clothes swapping party where you can bring between one to 15 unwanted items from your wardrobe to swap them for new ones.

The event will be happening at Cloudberry Club in Sliema and includes a DJ, free prosecco, and a cash bar!

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