Human Vulnerability In Art: Four Maltese Visual Artists Are Collaborating For A Celebration Of What's Mostly Still A Taboo

They will also explore elements of intimacy and a sense of being exposed

Smudge Cover

Nudity and eroticism are still very often regarded as something taboo here in Malta. Four visual artists are collaborating on a project that will see works being exhibited that celebrate the vulnerability of humanity; both physically and emotionally.

The 5th of April will see the coming together of artists Gabriel Buttigieg, Ryan Falzon, Charles Balzan and Sarah Chircop, for the first time, in a collaborative exhibition entitled Smudge, at Studio 87 in Valletta.

The artists will present works in mixed media from photography to drawings to print, and they will explore elements of vulnerability, intimacy, ephemerality and an underlying sense of being exposed.

Here's a small taster of some of the artists' works you can expect to see at Smudge:

Gabriel Buttigieg


Ryan Falzon


Charles Balzan


Sarah Chircop


Smudge is being curated by Justine Balzan Demajo, and will be exhibited at Studio 87 from the 5th to the 26th of April.

These psychologically charged artworks aim to evoke feelings or situations that we often face, or are afraid to confront.

However, the artists here are directly confronting this taboo and are simultaneously allowing themselves to be exposed. Together, the works complement and contrast each other, each leaving their own smudge with the spectator.

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