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I Tried Wikipedia’s ‘Nearby’ Feature In Gozo And The Results Were Cool AF

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Browsing the web is one of my idle hobbies. I enjoy reading about random stuff and knowing near useless facts, so I was glad to stumble upon Wikipedia’s Nearby page.

Basically, it’s a link to a Wiki page that uses your location to give you a list of nearby places which you can read about or visit.

So a friend and I decided that the best way to test out this feature was to dedicate our day off in Gozo to explore some neat nearby spots.

We started off at Għasri, choosing this town as our exploratory spot for a number of reasons (mostly because we were staying there). From there, our next stops were decided for us by Wikipedia.

Here’s what went down.

1. Għelmus Hill

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2

Our first stop was one we didn’t even know existed.

This obscure hill mostly intrigued us by its name. It was the best spot we found throughout the whole thing.

Walking up felt like torture, it was a bit too steep for our tastes, but boy was it worth it.

As soon as you’re done wheezing and clutching your chest, you will be greeted by the most mesmerising view Gozo has to offer. You can see the whole island from this lovely hill, we promise.

We got a ton of pigeon moneyshots from this hill and a super majestic view of the Ċittadella.

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2 1
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48409340 1138571989647472 5451301268087635968 N

2. Ta’ Ġurdan Lighthouse

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2 2

We almost missed the lighthouse and were a tad bit confused when it came to find it. Thank god for Maps.

We made the cardinal sin of trying to walk all the way up. Halfway through this torturous hill we noticed a car park right underneath the lighthouse.

Being lazy AF, we did what any sensible person would; we turned back, got the car and drove all the way back up.

Sadly, the lighthouse was being restored so we couldn’t go in. The view was still worth it though, albeit not being as amazing as the Għelmus one.

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2 3

3. Ta’ Pinu

Screenshot 2018 12 17 At 18 03 17


We’ve all been to ta’ Pinu at least once in our lives. This colossal church was a must-go during this expedition. We headed down there to see what has changed since we’ve last been there.

The answer is not much. We also forgot to take any photos of it, so here’s one we got from Instagram just in case you forgot what the church looks like.

We were guilt-tripped into buying a small €5 jar of definitely not local honey from an old man though.

4. Wied il-Mielaħ

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2 4

OK, so most people know about this, but we’d never been there. It was extremely rewarding to find this diving spot.

By this point, we were having doubts over our sanity. Why were we doing this?

We were tired and grimy, but getting to Gozo’s other window was worth it all.

48411583 336335687210378 6981981643347066880 N

5. Santu Pietru

48362059 565856773884666 4792516085893038080 N

We had walked for most of this trip. Our train of thought was ‘Uwijja kemm ħa ndumu?

Hella lot, that’s how much.

We found a strange hamlet on the way to San Dimitri Chapel. Fine, it wasn’t on the Wiki page, but we were thirsty and tired.

It’s a pretty cool spot where you can just walk around and admire houses and creepy Santas.

It was also the only place with an open grocer on a Saturday afternoon.

Bongu Hi Orrajt 2 5

6. San Dimitri Chapel

48418438 537555053377511 5370964639255363584 N 1

This quaint little chapel was closed to the public, which was a giant let down. Fine, it’s super tiny, but you can’t really see the paintings and decor properly through a gate. Some works of art are made to be admired up close not through metal bars.

By this time it was way after sunset and getting super dark, so we did not linger much in the area.

48373448 272847643379503 3510521463897587712 N

7. The Aqueducts

48378230 207615793475132 8667230147763503104 N

Exhausted, hungry, filthy and grass stained, we headed to the last spot almost begrudgingly. We weren’t really into exploring the aqueducts, so we just hung out close by for less than a minute.

It was dark, so stumbling through the rocky terrain wasn’t the most appealing thing ever.

Overall it was a pretty cool experience. We got to drive and walk around Gozo, discovered some new spots, and visited places which we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Have you ever tried this feature? Leave us a comment below and tag someone who needs to go on an adventure like this!

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