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Is This Malta’s Most Instagram-Worthy Hotel?

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spend a few nights in an art museum, the Boco Boutique Hotel in Bormla is the perfect place for you.

Everywhere you look there’s something new and quirky to see, and no matter how long you’re there for, there’s always a new corner for you to inspect.

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The hotel, which was refurbished from the ground up over a period of seven years by the owner, is a stunning array of old-meets-new. While working on the refurbishment the owner took extra care in preserving the cultural heritage of the building itself.

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Everything was upcycled and very little was thrown out. And over time the hotel developed its own living energy that the owners lovingly refer to as “The Boco Man” – an anthropomorphic version of the special meaning of this place. 

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Guests staying at this hotel will be able to enjoy a unique experience in an interesting and ever-changing space, while still enjoying a luxury experience.

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