Looking For New Films To Fall In Love With? Valletta's Retro Cinema Has A Great Selection Of May Screenings

Grab the popcorn because it's movie time!

Lovin Malta Citylights Film Cinema List Valletta

Valletta's Citylights is just one of the hidden beauties of our capital city that continue to be popular no matter what, especially among my fellow treacherous youths, as the former porn-cinema screens a large variety of films, old and recent, that delight and entertain people of all ages.

This month, The Cinema Bar by Citylights has a wonderful mix of genres and styles, ranging from as recent as 2014 to as far back as 1964. They post all their screenings on their Facebook Page, so be sure to check it out for more information

Here are all the films being shown at Citylights until the end of May

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1. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Sunday 19th May at 6pm

2. Big Eyes (2014)

Wednesday 22nd May at 9pm and Friday 24th May at 6pm

3. Marriage Italian Style (1964)

Thursday 23rd May

4. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Thursday 30th May at 9pm

BONUS: Eurovision Finals

While not technically a film, we're all going to be watching it anyway, with as much excitement and interest as if it actually was the biggest blockbuster out there, so why not do it at Citylights?

Saturday 18th May at 8pm

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Simon Zammit