The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Drinking Game

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As the 16 finalists prepare for their big moment on stage during tomorrow's Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the rest of us are stocking up and snacks and booze for 2017's first Eurovision event.

But if you're looking to make your night a little bit more special, we've got the perfect drinking game for you. 

Based on what we've heard of the songs, and what we know of the singers, we've come up with potential scenarios for what's going on on-stage, and the drinking game rules are simple. You drink every time one of our predicted happenings, happens.


The songs are listed in the order they'll appear in:

1. Klinsmann - Laserlight

Drink every time:

  • He holds his guitar at knee level
  • He awkwardly forces a fake accent on the word roof.

2. Raquela Dalli Gonzi - Ray of Light

Drink every time:

  • She keeps her eyes closed during an emotional moment
  • She has a Mariah Carey moment with her hands

3. Deborah C. & Josef - Tonight

Drink every time:

  • They have a dance move mirroring each other
  • They have obviously-forced chemistry

4. Kevin Borg - Follow

Drink every time:

  • He points at the audience
  • He dramatically rips the mic off its stand

Rhiannon Micallef 

5. Jade Vella - Seconds Away

Drink every time:

  • She flicks her hair sassily

6. Crosswalk - So Simple

Drink every time:

  • The drummer is caught singing
  • The lead singer turns to smile at the band

7. Franklin Calleja - Follow Me

Drink every time:

  • He looks like he might burst out crying
  • He clenches his hands into a fist

8. Rhiannon - Fearless

Drink every time:

  • She flicks her hand to brush off an ex
  • Her dancers don't understand the theme of the song

Brooke Borg

9. Miriana Conte - Don't Look Down

Drink every time:

  • She looks like she's having more fun on stage than anyone else
  • She 'Havana' grinds

10. Shauna Vassallo - Crazy Games

Drink every time:

  • She forces her voice to sound autotuned
  • Her hands dance more than her dancers

11. Janice Mangion - Kewkba

Drink every time:

  • The song sounds creepily propoganda-ish
  • She whisper-sings dramatic parts

12. Cherton Caruana - Fighting To Survive

Drink every time:

  • The melody gets a little confusing
  • She intensely, right into the camera
619 X300 Claudia Finello2

Claudia Faniello

13. Maxine Pace - Bombshell

Drink every time:

  • You close your eyes and picture Meghan Trainor
  • She does a watered-down version of the dancer's moves

14. Richard Edwards - You

Drink every time:

  • He looks down at his guitar
  • He raises his eyebrows to raise his note

15. Brooke Borg - Unstoppable

Drink every time:

  • She throws her head back while singing
  • She whips her arm out dramatically

16. Claudia Faniello - Breathlessly

Drink every time:

  • She clutches her chest
  • She shakes her head while singing

Richard Edwards

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