These 6 Maltese Bars Will Help You Polish Your Karaoke Skills

Practice makes perfect(ish)

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A hot island climate, plenty of weekday shenanigans, and all the bars you could ever hope for; Malta is perfect for lovers of karaoke nights. And while the list of bars and pubs that offer singalong fun is nearly endless, these are seven of the biggest Maltese names when it comes to karaoke.

1. Cactus Bar

One of the island's favourites, this corner bar in Buġibba is everything you'd be expect a karaoke bar to be. Cactus Bar regularly uploads photos and videos of its prospective singers' performances, so it's the perfect place to visit if you want to improve on your previous visit!

2. Reflections Sports Pub & Grill

Eight types of beer on draught, pub snacks galore, and 10 screens. What more could you ask for from a karaoke bar? Fridays are the best time to visit this pub in Mellieħa if you want to get those karaoke skills down to business.

3. Tre Angeli

This place is specifically marketed as a Karaoke Bar, so you can imagine why it makes this list. Situated right on the Sliema Strand, it offers karaoke versions of songs in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Russian... just in case you want to take things up a notch.

4. Rose In Crown Pub

More proof that the Buġibba / Qawra area is Karaoke Paradise. Another very popular corner pub, the Rose In Crown sounds, looks and feels like the perfect place to down a couple of pints and have a shot at the microphone.

5. Cork's Irish Bar

It's an Irish Bar in Paceville; of course it's going to be popular for karaoke! Cork's has stood the test of time and is a favourite amongst a couple of generations. And at this rate, it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere.

6. Memories

What is a karaoke session in Malta without Paceville's Memories? This bar and grill recently went through a rigorous refurbishment, and it's only set to get bigger and better. Gather the squad and fire up your karaoke engines.

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