LISTEN: Maltese Artists Are Revamping One Of The Oldest Music Genres In The Country This Weekend

Għana, but not as you know it

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Scotland have bagpipes, Switzerland have yodelling (which they seem to share with kids at Walmart), but as far as Malta goes, our musical traditions are definitely deeply-rooted in għana. The traditional folk singing, often impromptu, still dominates most feasts around the island, but much like other traditions, it's seen a steady decline over the past couple of decades. One group of Maltese youths, however, is bent on changing that. 

Teatru Malta is presenting a new project to hone and promote traditional Maltese għana. This exciting new idea will be telling the story of għana throughout the ages. 

Promoting għana as the the literal lost voice of the island, L-Ilħna Mitlufa will be celebrating our local tradition of song through vocal expressions from a number of għannejja from different generations, along with a local singer who will be singing għana for the very first time. 

Thanks to initiatives like this, għana has been recently getting a slight boost in popularity (thanks hipsters!), and this event will only serve to continue getting the ball rolling.

The singers will be singing on behalf of our ancestors — keeping their memory alive, just like the għanneja of old kept their forefathers’ memories, stories, poems and tales alive through the power of song. 

The aim is to renew the unbroken tradition of coming together through the power of song. 

Anġlu ‘il-Kina’ Theuma and Mariele Zammit will be the two main performers, along with Frederick ‘Ir-Re’ Mallija, Raymond ‘Iċ-Ċiranu’ Schemer and Andrew Alamango.

The concept was developed by Andrew Alamango ,along with a script by Adrian Grima and dramatic composition by Domenico Castaldo.

Visual production, design and costumes have been designed by Jimmy Grima.

Ilħna Mitlufa will be taking place at the Teatru Salesjan on the 12th and 13th of May from 8pm onwards, with an entrance fee of just €5.

Do you know anyone who would be interested in this event? Tag them in the comments below!

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Chiara Micallef