Mġarr's Strawberry Festival Postponed As More Rain Set To Hit Malta Over The Weekend

One of spring's first beloved events is going to have to wait

Lovin Malta Festa Frawli Postponed Mgarr

Sun, a fine breeze and a whole of strawberries. For many Maltese people, Mġarr's Festa Frawli is one of the first signs of spring on the islands... but it looks like this year's edition is going to have a wait until it actually stops raining.

Taking to Facebook earlier today, the Strawberry Festival organisers announced that, "due to unfavourable weather forecasts", the event will be pushed from this Sunday all the way to 28th April.

This will no doubt be disappointing news for thousands of people who were hoping to drive up to Mġarr this Sunday... but a quick look at the weather forecast quickly puts things in perspective

Initially, this week was meant to be a bit cloudy and rainy, only to give way to a sunny April weekend.

However, it looks like we might be in for three whole days of possible isolated showers and Force 4, 5 and even 6 winds all the way to Sunday, weather which would definitely ruin the festivities. So it looks like we're going to have to wait a bit more for spring to officially start!

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