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Mother’s Day In Malta Survived The Gays™ – Here’s How You Can Celebrate It

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Despite sweeping statements about how the ‘gay agenda’ would be the end of the words mother and father from common vernacular, and that we’d never be able to celebrate Mother’s Day again, it seems we’ll be doing exactly that this Sunday.

So if you bought into the hype, but didn’t get a gift because you thought it wasn’t happening this year, here are a few ideas to help you avoid a very awkward Sunday lunch.

1. There’s no excuse not to do something nice, even if you’re broke

You can recreate family photos as a gift that she’ll treasure forever…

Childhood Pictures

… or take her to volunteer with some puppies and kittens.

Adopt A Puppy

We have a whole list of things you can do without breaking the bank, so get planning!

2. And if you’re ok with spending a little cash, here’s some gifts you can get her

From cute necklaces to stand-out pieces for any home, this list will help you find any shop that will make your gift that much more memorable.

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3. Unsure of what type of perfume to buy her? There’s a quiz for that

Sometimes, getting someone’s scent right can be quite a challenge, and personality plays a big role in what they like and don’t. That’s why Lovin has made your life a whole lot easier with a simple quiz that will tell you exactly which perfume to go for.

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4. And if you’d also like to spend some quality time together, why not have a mother-child day at the spa?

With some seriously unbeatable deals, a day at the spa with your mum is a gift for her (on two counts, cos you know she loves spending time with you) and a self-reward too. There’s loads of Mother’s Day offers, from Pearl Spas to Myoka, so make sure you check them out before it’s too late.

Screen Shot 2018 05 08 At 13 25 06

5. If you’re a mom-to-be, take our quiz and find out what kind of Maltese mother you’re destined to become

Will you be just like your mother, or become a rebel in the eyes of your family? Take our fun quiz as a good way to celebrate Mother’s Day while waiting to become a mum!

Screen Shot 2018 05 08 At 13 14 04

6. And remind yourself of all the things you love, or get frustrated about, with Maltese mothers

When all is said and done, it’s important to remember what makes them so unique and special. This list will inspire you before you start writing their card and remind you why you’ll do anything to make their day special.

Not sure what we mean? What about their smug faces every time they perfectly guess the weather after you argued with them over needing a jacket?

Tag your sibling and get planning

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