Need A Fancy Christmas Gift? Here's Where To Find One In Malta

Pump up the posh.

Fancy Gift

Are you sick of racing around Malta to pick up little gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriends' personalised Christmas stocking? Is it about time you put an end to the traditional Christmas socks for your brother/sister? Do you want to reward your parents for all the money you borrowed throughout all of 2016?

Here's where you need to go to find a gift that will make you save face this Christmas:

1. The Eclecticist

A brand new concept design store has opened in Attard and it's pretty much the answer to every Christmas gift problem. From Cambridge Satchel style bags for your hipster-hubby to gorgeous furniture for your style-conscious parents – this place is an amen to every design-loving gift-getter in Malta. 


2. Camilleri Paris Mode

If you're after a bit more decadence Camilleri Paris Mode should be your go-to gift stop. Whether it's a porcelain rocket ship statuette, a luxury pet bed, or 24K gold-plated candle sticks you're after, CPM is the answer. 


3. The White Sheep

If you're only after a token gift but still want something super-high quality that's going to say loads about your general impeccable taste – go for The White Sheep. Let's face it everyone loves posh cheese and sweets, so pop in, stock up and you're golden.


4. Granny Smith

If you're stuck for a gift for your vintage-obsessed friend Granny Smith is your answer. Their products range from tiny trinkets to vintage-inspired furniture. This is actually perfect for your nanna who loves useless but beautiful objects. 


5. Franks Boutique

This is a must-stop if you need to cross off 'gift for my boss' from your Christmas list. They have a great range of posh whisky, cigars, and other drinking paraphernalia. 


6. Kekstor

Children are the easiest people to buy Christmas gifts for, but their parents can be somewhat hard to please. You get get a hassle-free, style-conscious kids' gift this year from Kekstor. It stocks the cutest most designery children' gifts AND offers next-day delivery. Sorted.


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