Need Some Ideas For Tomorrow's Warm Weather? Here Are Some Awesome Things To Do Around Malta

17 degrees of fun

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Unless the forecasts fail us, it looks like tomorrow is going to be nice and warm with temperatures reaching 17 degrees! That's the kind of temperature that everyone can enjoy and should not be squandered. 

Here's a few ideas for how you can spend your sunny Sunday tomorrow.

1. Plan a picnic

Bring your friends, family and pets and set yourselves up in some of Malta's most glorious picnic spots. Absolutely heavenly.

2. Take a segway tour

Why walk around Malta's beautiful landscape when you can glide whilst standing up like a badass on a segway? Do something different, sign you and your family up for an awesome two-wheeled tour in an awesome location. We're betting you'll love it as much as your kids will! 

3. Go for a long dog walk

Every family member should enjoy this epic weather. Grab your furriest friend and head off on a long, sunny walk/run with him or her. The pure glee of being in the outdoors, free and able to explore everything the eye can see will be contagious. Also it's an awesome workout. 

4. Plan a Gozo day trip

Go against the grain and head to Gozo before carnival weekend. You can explore the beautiful sites in the morning, enjoy a delicious long lunch, and take a picturesque walk until the sun sets. Unbeatable. 

5. Group abseiling

If you're an adventurous bunch, why not make it an abseiling day? Grab your friends and get planning. You'll need some expert advice before you launch yourself down anything, so check out the Abseiling Malta group as a first step. 

6. Exploring the capital

Being a tourist in your own country can be really fun, especially if you do it as a group – or even as a date with someone you're just getting to know. If you're going to sight-see there's no better place to do it than Valletta. And with all the fantastic restaurants and cafes all over the city, there's plenty of scope for food pitstops. 

7. Organise a group lunch

Long, boozy lunches kind of die down in winter. Well, we suggest re-opening the season starting with tomorrow – pick a restaurant with heated al fresco dining and you know it will be a guaranteed good time. Especially if a Maltese platter gets involved.  

How do you plan to enjoy tomorrow's sunshine? Tell us in the comments section!

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