New Comedy Promises To Teach People 'How To Be Maltese In An Hour'

And you'll never guess what it's called

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Maltese people have a long list of weird (and wonderful) traits which make us who we are, and most of us can't seem to be able, or willing, to shake it off. If you've ever wondered what really makes us tick and was interested in adopting the Maltese lifestyle and character for yourself, a new comedy show hitting the island promises to help.

This is How To Be Maltese In An Hour

The show is a collaborative effort between comedy heavyweights Wesley Ellul and Steve Hili, who have shows such as The Comedy Knights, Rock of Ages, The Adult Panto and Burning Love... To The Ground under their belt. The creative team also includes Vanessa Attard, who will be taking up the role of Show Manager.

HWBMIAH stars Sean Briffa, Emmanuel Tabone, and Giulia Gatt, and plans to "explore the intricacies of Maltese life and culture; from the doting Maltese mother to the Paceville playboys, and from the Eurovision fans to the Maltese Government workers." And yes, that does sound amazing.

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"It was Steve's idea," explained Wesley Ellul, who's producing and co-directing the entire show. "As he was gigging across Europe, a lot of people asked him what being Maltese was like. While he was explaining—in his typical manner—he came up with a hilarious show which, after he approached me about, evolved once more to become the brilliant we are so proud to be producing!"

Without spoiling too much of the story, we can tell you that the story starts off at a fictitious Malta Office for the Approval of Citizenship, which requires all persons living in or visiting Malta to take a "Malteseness Test". Since the original VHS tape which had the documentary-explainer was accidentally overwritten (#OnlyInMalta), the workers at the Office put on the show themselves. 

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How To Be Maltese In An Hour will officially open at Palazzo Pereira on Republic Street, Valletta, on Wednesday 19th July and run every Wednesday and Sunday until mid-August.

More information on the show itself and how to purchase tickets can be found on the show's website.

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