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Parties, Talks And A National Marathon: Here’s What’s Happening In Malta This Weekend

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February might be the shortest month of the year, but 2018 has managed to squeeze in a long list of events over the past couple of weekends. The last weekend of the month is no exception, with everything from public talks to a national marathon going down in the next couple of days.

If you’re stuck on where to go in Malta this weekend, here’s as good a place as any to start.

Thursday 22nd February

Denmark’s top craft brewery comes to Malta’s capital

That’s right; the weekend is starting a bit earlier than usual this time. 

Tonight, Mikkeller (Denmark’s number one brewery for craft beer) will be showcasing their legendary beers in Valletta’s City Lights. Expect at least 10 new unique beers and some very rare beers on tap throughout the night.

Beer lovers, your weekend starts here.

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Friday 23rd February

An ethical discussion all about the future of making babies

With Malta bracing itself for a revised law on In Vitro Fertilisation, assisted reproduction has recently been put up for discussion all over again.

The Drachma Parents’ Group are organising a talk on Friday at Mosta’s Mount St. Joseph, featuring the participation of Dr. Mark Sant and Dr. Nadia Delicata. Lovin Malta will also be hosting the event.

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A public talk by a London-based artist all about Malta’s ‘imagined archive’

Anna Ridler, the first artist-in-residence at Valletta’s Blitz for 2018, will be holding a free public talk at the capital’s exhibit space.

A London-based artist and researcher whose practice brings together technology, literature and drawing, she’ll be creating an ‘imagined archive’ of Malta. And for those wondering what that could be, Blitz are teasing a mix of the National Archives of Malta and an imagining of the data or stories that have not been collected.

An intriguing talk, followed by drinks in the capital.

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A two-night live performance of the soundtrack behind Italy’s most popular cult TV series ever

Valletta will yet again be taking centre stage this weekend for most of the events. 

Mokadelic, an Italian post-rock band who shot to fame for their soundtracks, will be performing their soundtrack to the hit Italian TV series Gomorra at the Valletta Campus Theatre for two nights.

Tickets for the night have been selling very fast, but some places for the Friday and Saturday shows are still open. 

Malta will be bringing its own exciting post-rock band to match the Italian giants in the form of Eyes to Argus.

A night dedicated to 90s acid music

Well, it’s not really just 90s when you see the amount of dedication these guys have to the music and the style surrounding it all. 

Local DJ Acidulant has single-handedly managed to bring acid music to the 21st century with his uncompromising original compositions and his widely popular parties, and this is set to be another big one. 

Also featuring A.I. and Wayne Richard, this event has a limited capacity. And it’s all going down at San Ġwann’s Liquid Club, because of course.

Saturday 24th February

Malta’s first urban slacklining… in the middle of a busy shopping centre

Paceville’s Bay Street Shopping Complex will see professionals balancing along a rope suspended 23 feet high, performing static tricks up in the air. How’s that for an interesting shopping weekend with a twist?

The cool people over at Slackliner Malta have organised multiple similar events over Malta, but this marks their first – and the country’s first – urban event.

Saturday and Sunday will also see free workshops being organised for those brave enough to give slacklining a try.

An 11-fight boxing extravaganza

There isn’t really anywhere local boxing fans would want to be this Saturday.

The aptly-named Champions Collide sees Prize Boxing Promotions organising an 11-fight extravaganza, featuring Super Steve Martin and Christian Schembri, who will be fighting for the vacant WBF International SuperMiddleweight Title.

Screen Shot 2018 02 22 At 17 23 36

A night of unfiltered rock

The Garage in Żebbuġ has barely had a break ever since it opened its doors to Malta’s rock scene last year.

This weekend sees local bands A Broken Design and Killing Adrenaline take the stage for a night of good old heavy music.

A world-touring German DJ performing at one of Malta’s best clubs

Ever since his debut earlier this decade, ADRYIANO has built a strong reputation within the clubbing dance. Born in Hamburg and raised in Cologne, the musician and DJ has toured the world and got more than two million views on one of his releases.

This Saturday, he’ll be descending onto Liquid Club, alongside local beat-masters Puis, Infinitedub and Squeak!

Sunday 25th February

The Malta Marathon, of course!

The 33rd edition of the Malta Marathon will see over 4,000 participants participating in the largest and most popular running event in Malta. 

The 2018 Vodafone Malta Marathon will see a long list of companies and charities taking to the island’s roads on Sunday morning… including Lovin Malta!

We’ll be ‘running’ (read: walking and trying to catch our breath) for mental health and raising funds in the meantime. We’re very close to our goal, so please donate here and help us help The Richmond Foundation!

We’re also very ready for this… promise.

A day party to finish off a very eventful weekend

“Carnival is over, which means it’s practically summer.”

If you tend to agree with the above statement, then you’re going to start wanting to celebrate the longer, sunnier days with good company and great music. 

That’s where the girls behind Ou est le pantie?, one of the alternative scene’s newest party promoters, come in.

Starting from 1pm and going on well into the evening, it’s all happening at Valletta’s photogenic Maori.

Tag someone who still needs to plan their weekend out!

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