Peaceful Places In Malta You Need To Visit At Night

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Malta is full of beautiful spots. It’s a mesmerising country with a lot to offer, but most of us got used to hanging out at the usual same spots at nighttime, making us forget about the beauty and comfort certain areas offer us.

Here’s a list of the prettiest places you need to visit at least once during nighttime.

1. Dingli

One of Malta’s most picturesque and rich villages is even more breathtaking by night. Dingli offers you both solace and adventure. From cave dwellings to photogenic scenery and hauntingly beautiful niches, this place truly has it all.

2. Mqabba

This quiet village is the bread and butter of anyone who is a history buff. Mqabba will transport you back in time with its numerous catacombs, quaint churches, narrow roads and mysterious rural areas.

3. Buskett

Malta’s go-to picnic area is a beautiful nighttime adventure waiting to happen for those who dare enter the White Lady’s territory. The beautiful lush gardens will make you feel like you’re one with nature, something you will never truly get from daytime Buskett.

4. Mellieħa

Mellieħa is one of those villages which just keeps on giving. From towers to ethereal pjazzez, amazing views and natural landscapes, you will never go wrong with this town. Mellieħa also offers us the beauty of Selmun and other slightly eerie places which you could totally explore by night. Keep your flashlight handy!

5. Valletta

No, we’re not talking about busy-main-roads-full-of-people-and-bars Valletta.

We’re talking about the true-OG Valletta. The hidden alleys, the beautiful archways and the towers of Maltese balconies peeking at you as you walk by silently. The little side roads and silent pjazzez, unknown to tourists and visitors alike, are the real treasure waiting to be found in our nation's capital.

6. Żebbuġ

This cool village seems to have stopped the hands of time successfully. Old buildings, fragrant olive trees, and random salt pans will fill your night with a magical longing for days gone by.

7. The Three Cities

We cannot pick our favourite City, so we added all three of them.

Each one something different to offer, to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Birgu is a favoured among both locals and tourists due to the revival it went through along with its busier nightlife.

But Isla is one of those towns which will leave you wanting more, with its long winding steps, and the casual squares strewn all over the place. Bormla on the other hand is where you need to go for a nightwalk if you really want some peace and quiet, with some classic Maltese beauty thrown in there for good measure.

8. Mtarfa

Straight off the bat, Mtarfa is a very quirky place. It’s all cut off by itself, but at the same time it also has a life of its own. The pretty fields rounding off this hilltop locale are a sight to behold, but that's not all. In this lovely village is also home to urban farms!

9. Kalkara

Malta's answer to postcard-perfect-seaside-town is the perfect spot to spy on the lit-up skyline of the Three Cities. Not only is it perfect to catch the perfect view, but it's also great to hang out by the sea and have an impromptu nighttime adventure.

10. Għajn Tuffieħa

A lovely beach with a lovely view. Many people opt for this spot when it comes to stargazing and unwinding. The stairs are quite the workout, but the whole experience is totally worth it.

During the day it’s a hectic place which puts off any good old introvert, but at night it’s the perfect spot for some good old fashioned alone time.

11. Mdina

No nighttime list can be complete with the Silent City. Mdina is a truly captivating city by day, but more so by night. The high walls and narrow alleys cast an air of mystery all by themselves (and those cool street lamps really don’t help).

And who knows, there's always the possibility of having a chance encounter with one of Mdina's many resident ghosts. Unless that totally freaks you out, but whatevs.

Have we missed out on any prime nighttime locales? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Written By

Chiara Micallef