A Three-Day Gay Festival Is Planned For Malta This Summer And Here's What We Know So Far

Bring on July

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Malta is planning its first gay party festival, and you heard it here first. A three-day binge of awesomeness is being organised by a powerhouse team and aiming to bring down a big international crowd to Malta.

The festival is a collaboration between three promoters, Lollipop, Station2Station Events and BeatBears. Yup, now you can understand why we're losing our shit.

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So, when's it happening?

The festival dates will be between 21-23 July 2017. Here's a breakdown of the whole thing:

Friday 21st July: Lollipop Outdoor Party
Saturday 22nd July: S2S Party - Gay Pride Party
Sunday 23rd July: NaviGAYt Boat Party by BeatBears

The team is working hard to make this event stand out from the local gay scene. Fresh faces plus tried-and-tested partying makes for a perfect combo!

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We'll be delivering more detailed info about the event to you in a few weeks' time. Till then, we recommend you head down to the third edition of the Lollipop parties this Friday – get a sample of what's to come this summer. 

Thank you, life! 

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