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Prepare Yourself For An Ecstatic ‘Night Of Revival’ From Malta’s Sweetest Duo

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Mouth to Mouth: A Night of Revival is Claire Tonna and Fatima A.M.’s last concert before leaving Malta. They will be channelling freedom through a collaborative project. It is set to highlight the journey of revival during difficult and challenging times in our lives.

The thought behind this event is similar to that of resuscitation. Before leaving the island, the duo will be performing the works they’ve created over a period of time together. They will be accompanied by local musicians Andrew Tonna on bass, Chris Galea on piano and Michael Galea on drums.


Photo by Kim Sammut

A project that explores overcoming barriers in an age where losing yourself and being engulfed by the world around you is almost impossible to avoid. Liberation, self-inflicting bounds and prolonged hazes will be among the many themes addressed during this amazing event.

This survival manifesto will be an eye-opener. “The work in Mouth to Mouth starts at a personal level,” Fatima and Claire told Lovin Malta. “Living in today’s society sometimes feels like you’re at wit’s end. It’s a reflection we see in a lot of people around us. So we’ve translated those feelings on paper.”

“I think it first started out when we wrote a song way back, round February or March,” Fatima told Lovin Malta. “The song is about finding god within you. Sometimes you feel godless and isolated, you work really hard to find something to give you strength. The truth is that you cannot search for that through external factors. After some time you’d realise that you need to look within yourself, and not on the outside.”

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“It’s all in this isolation we feel in this time we live in. We yearn and struggle for something real, but finding it proves to be difficult,” the duo said.

“Today’s culture is based on what we have around us, and sadly most times what’s inside of us and the things on the outside don’t match. You need to be kind to yourself, you need to take decisions and use your strength to make yourself happy,” Claire explained.

“The undercurrent is that we desperately want to liberate ourselves from what we’ve been told throughout our lives, but we constantly forget that we’re the ones that hold the potential to do this,” Fatima said. “Mouth to Mouth is a pause to breathe and see what you can chooses to do in life,”

The two said that through Mouth to Mouth, people can realise that they’re not always conditioned by life’s circumstances. “We all go through a period of darkness, but you need to face that time with all your might. Sometimes we let the darkness engulf us, and that leads to bigger struggles like mental health issues. But that’s a wake up call you’d be giving to yourself to choose the things which are best for your happiness,” Claire said about the overall feel of Mouth to Mouth.

“It’s easy to feel suffocated, it’s easy to feel like you cannot make it. But life isn’t about survival, life is about living”

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Photo by Kim Sammut

What this lovely duo wants to accomplish through their project is honesty. “We want to see people being honest with themselves, to find happiness within. That’s why we used the metaphor mouth to mouth. When you do things for your own good, you’re also helping those around you. We’re living in a time where it’s very important for all of us to be there for each other,” Claire said,

The event will be taking place on the 9th and 11th of November at the Malta Society of Arts. Tickets will be on sale at the price of €10 each till the 7th of November. From the 8th or at the door the price will be that of €12.

In collaboration with Malta Society of Arts and Trackage Scheme.

Buy your tickets for this event here and tag someone who needs to check it out!

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