Public Areas Malta Needs A Lot More Of

Can we have some communal space, with a side order of open air please?

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In the last couple of years, Malta has seen its fair share (read: overdose) of projects, but if we're inevitably going to get some more, here are the ones that should get priority. 

For the record, there might be a couple of these already in Malta, but we're just saying there could be more where that came from...

1. Outdoor Gyms


Forget Muscle Beach, imagine how amazing Għadira bay would be if it got transformed into the hub of the new fitness boom in the Mediterranean?! This could be us Malta...

2. Dog Parks


Yes, Malta has got a couple of these already. But for the insanely large number of dog-lovers out there, there just aren't enough places for their best friend. Maybe a nationwide petition triggered by RUBS Puppy Love could change that?

3. Free Basketball Courts

Outdoor Court

Or any other sport really. Fine, every locality has its own small to medium-sized football ground, but they all follow a strict schedule and come with a fee. Where are the free-for-all pitches? Of course, for sports like basketball, the situation is even more dire. We're not going to find the next Jordan any time soon this way bro.

4. Designated Picnic Areas


Think of a great place to go for a picnic on a Sunday which isn't Buskett, Ta' Qali, or any other disgustingly overcrowded spot. If it took you longer than a minute to brainstorm, then we've clearly got a problem. 

5. Camping Areas


Do we seriously need to drive all the way to the North Beyond the Wall to find a place where we can legally camp? Come on Malta, get it together. 

6. Non-Beach BBQ Spaces


What with having to get permits depending on how many people you are, it's already getting harder to have a BBQ on the beach – which is something we completely get from an environmental point of view. But beyond that, can't we just have a legal space where we can have a BBQ which isn't either a beach or our roof? Merci.

BONUS: Multistorey Parking Complexes

Look, we're not saying we want there to be more tower-building, but if we keep getting higher buildings and more cars on the road, then we definitely need to see more of those multistorey parking lots cropping up in Malta. And hey, they don't need to go up, they can go down!

Having said that, we're pretty sure we know what they'd end up being exclusively used for...


Do you agree? Are there any other types of public spaces you'd like to see more of in Malta? Let us know in the comments!

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