Put On Your Dancing Shoes This Weekend For These 10 Events Happening In Malta

February's going out with a song and a dance

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Malta has been seeing a lot of great music events these last couple of weeks, and this weekend is set to take things to overdrive. Here are all the events happening over the weekend that will make you wish you could be in more than one place at a time:


A Morning Booster rave before work


What better way is there to prove that this weekend is all about the music than a rave at half five in the morning?! ANCHOVY's Morning Booster is coming back with a vengeance to make sure you kick Friday off with the proper vibe. Featuring yoga, pole fitness, and a dance party that replaces alcohol with healthy juices and breakfast treats, this is guaranteed to get you in the mood for more music this weekend.

A big dose of reggae at Marley Fest 2017

Honouring the legendary crowned king of reggae music, this Maltese festival is coming back for a second year at the newly renovated Surfside. Featuring two stages and an international lineup of musicians and DJs, this is a 12 hour reggae marathon you're not going to want to miss if you love Marley's music. Jah bless.

Good music for a great cause at Symphonic Beatles

A performance of some of The Beatles' greatest hits by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, presented in collaboration with Fondazzjoni Qalb it-Tfal. Clear proof that all you need really is love.

Maltese legends nosnow/noalps' 10 year anniversary show

After a whole decade's worth of releases, tours and award shoes, one of the most accomplished bands in Malta will be looking back at its greatest hits and setting the scene for the years to come. A show both for the band's long-time fans and any potentially new fans who are unfamiliar with NSNA's work.

A proper gay bash at Lollipop #3

The third installment of the oh-so-famous monthly nights promises to be half-Valentine's Special, half-Carnival Special, and all-fabulous. 


A night of good old rock at Noir

The third 2017 event hosted by the metal scene promoters Rejects, Noir promises to be a night of high octane rock featuring three bands; Viper Soup Complex, Waterwings and The PlaKard Project.

A dubstep album launch party by Depth

Calling this just dubstep would actually be a bit of an injustice. Local DJ Depth has been trying to reconcile all the different genres of music he likes for about a year, and the result is TIME, an album he'll be launching this Saturday. He'll also be bringing some of Malta's best grime, trap and jungle DJs to help him out on the night. 

An alternative scene party with a twist at A Winter Orgy

Back-to-back DJ sets by four of the most prolific names in the alternative scene right now, topped off with a one-off reunion of Clandestines, one of the most exciting bands to come out of the scene in the last decade.

The Malta Eurosong 2017

If you're staying in this Saturday but still want to get your fair share of music, don't forget that Eurovision 2017 fever is officially kicking off this weekend. Whether you'll be watching it ironically or not, the night will still end with a winning song that you won't be able to avoid for the next couple of months. 


End the weekend on a mellow note with a live acoustic session by Janice

Sliema's Hole In The Wall will be making sure you're still listening to some good tunes while winding down after your heavy weekend, and local newcomer Janice will be taking up playing and singing duties this Sunday.

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