RANKED: Malta's Sexiest Male TV Personalities

Switch on your television sets and enjoy some eye candy

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We all have our favourite TV presenters and personalities. Some are adored, others are hated, and some are seen as just plain antipatki. But if there's one thing that prevails, especially on television, it's dashing good looks.

Seeing as we've recently given the same treatment to Malta's sexist politicians (of all time) we've decided that this time we should really rank our TV personalities in the same way. Did your favourite make the cut?

10. Karl Stagno Navarra

Ħeqq minn x’imkien irridu nibdew hux.

Someone needed to kick off this list and be in the last place, but don't sweat it KSN; the fact that you're on this list is already great.

9. Peppi Azzopardi

Peppi just barely makes the list, but those white curls definitely help. 

Still, fil-qosor jekk jogħġbok.

8. Lou Bondi 

Our very own media mogul and talk show host comes in on number 8.

Sorry Lou, we still really love your dress sense and your swagger. 

Bonus points for being able to play the guitar and bless your soul with music whenever, wherever.

7. Joseph Chetcuti

Joseph and his violin really need you to look at them right now.


6. Manuel Aquilina

Manuel won our hearts over the years through numerous programs, but his big breakthrough came with Aroma Kitchen. 

The way to our hearts is through our stomachs, so is there any doubt that Manuel would make it?

5. Ray Calleja 

Ray Calleja is Malta’s sweetheart when it comes to local television. The golden boy has left us with fond memories of great comedies like Bomba, constantly shuffling through hilarious characters.

Add a recently-acquired bad boy neck tattoo, and Calleja solidly kicks off our Top 5.

4. Mark Lawrence Zammit

Mark is the shy boy next door everyone likes. His young and supple face makes everyone swoon, plus he’s smart and very well spoken — and that’s a big plus for us.

He'll have you hoping to God that you could be his first.

3. Keith Demicoli

Ah Keith, the one and only reason we still watch news on television. 

You are truly what is keeping news broadcasting alive. If it wasn’t for your smouldering eyes and strong manly jaw, we wouldn’t even look at the television anymore. Also, your voice sounds like golden syrup treacle. 

2. Ben Camille

Malta’s very own Kardashian cannot not make it to our list. 

Everybody loves Ben and one look from him can melt anyone’s heart in less than a minute. Qisu l-cooker t’ommi jaħasra. 

1. Davide Tucci

Of course Mr. Tucci comes in first on our list; who else can make it to our top spot? 

The actor-model is Malta’s very own National Treasure. We are not saying this only because he looks so beautiful though; Davide is genuinely a very talented actor, so we are not voting for him based solely on his looks. Promise.

Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know by commenting below

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Chiara Micallef