6 Reasons Why Gudja's The Most Historically-Underrated Town In Malta

I'm sorry, where?


Tiny villages in Malta and Gozo often pull the short straw when it comes to history. Enter Gudja, a small southern village, which blows that theory right out of the park.  

From ancient history to modern-day tidbits, here's why Gudja should be your next stop on the culture tour. 

1. It's old AF

On a scale of one to Ġgantija, Gudja fares pretty well. Punic remains were found in an area known as Ta' Xlejli, and evidence of prehistoric settlement is underscored by dolmens in Ta' Għewra.  

2. There's a palace

A palazzo to be exact; Palazzo Dorell lies on the outskirts of the village, and was built in 1670 around speculated Roman remains.  It is now a private residence and houses the Bettina Tower, which is speculated to date back as early as the twelfth century AD and is even possibly  a reconstruction of an earlier Roman tower.  

3. Unique churches are a thing

When it comes to churches, you get your standard bell tower. One, maybe two. That is, unless you're Gudja's parish church which has three. It also has a ridiculously long name: the Archpresbyterial and Archmatrix Church of the Assumption of Mary. 

Or just St. Mary's Parish Church. You know, whichever tickles your fancy. 

The third tower (also called the William Baker Tower) was added in 1858, almost two-hundred years after the completion of the original building. 

4. Chapels for days

Being home to one of the oldest parishes in Malta, Gudja plays into the Maltese trope of having way more churches and chapels than we can count. Notably, you can find the Bir Miftuħ chapel, which served as one of the original twelve parishes of Malta, and the Ta' Loretu chapel, which lies on the very edge of the village smack in the middle of the countryside.  

5. Look no further for legit countryside views

Most of Gudja is wide open spaces (and we'd like to keep it that way). Whether you need an alternative jogging route, or you just love staring across the countryside, Gudja is the place for you.  

6. Madonna lived here

As in "Like A Virgin" Madonna. Just because she could. The pop singer chose to live in Gudja while on a visit to Malta one time. #TheMoreYouKnow

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