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Singles Only: 6 Fun Valentine’s Day Events For All The Single People In Malta

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There’s no running away from V Day, whether you love it or hate it.

If you’re single and ready to mingle or single by choice (and want it to stay that way) who’s to say that you can’t have tons of fun on the day of love?

Well, we’ve come up with a list of events that are especially for people who aren’t boo’d up!

1. Single & Mingle hosted by Chucky @ Carob Tree

St. Julian’s

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Our very own Chucky (aka the king and queen of shade) is hosting a V Day event just for singles. He’ll be performing a stand-up act and playing matchmaker throughout the evening!

Expect laughter, free entry and a glass of prosecco upon arrival.

2. F*** Valentine’s Day at Casey’s Bar


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This event will include anti-Valentine’s Day fun such as a ‘Last Laugh’ dartboard (bring a photo of an ex you hate), a ‘Sometimes Relationships Aren’t That Great’ open mic and special drinks such as ‘Forget Your Ex’ shots and ‘Black Like My Heart’.

3. Speed dating in Spinola Bay

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Mix and mingle at this fun speed dating event. You will not be sitting for an interview nor will you be interviewing others, you’ll be expected to meet new people and mingle.

The ticket price includes a free drink and nibbles!

4. Blind dating in a band club

Il-Gazin, Floriana

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Get your blind date on and who knows; you could meet your future #Bae! Y

ou’ll be carefully matched with someone and have to fill out a short questionnaire answering what you believe are the correct answers about your match.

More info can be found here.

5. ‘Be Mine!’ at Tiffany Bar


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Singles are encouraged to attend this special V Day event with live entertainment, a great atmosphere and tons of free presents from Yamamay Malta!

6. Love Sucks Club Night at Truth

St. Julian’s

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Truth are promising a party with plenty of fun surprises for all the single people!

Intrigued? Get the scoop here.

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