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Speed Dating With A Maltese Twist! Band Club Hosting Flirty Meetups Throughout Summer

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Speed dating can be lots of fun. And even though it’s not yet a Maltese tradition, we think it’s getting there fast, especially thanks to this latest innovation: speed dating at a każin.

Il-Gażin, the Vilhena Band Club in Floriana, debuted their concept last month and saw a fantastic turnout. Locals flocked to the club in hopes of meeting their Mr or Ms Right and,  judging by the post on the club’s Facebook page, it does look like the event was a great success. 

The event was posted all over local Facebook groups and is open to both Maltese and Expatriate residents from all over the island. A commenter or two on the event’s posts admitted to not being too keen, as they had no one to go with – to which the organisers responded, “It’s an event you attend to make friends, why would you depend on [them] to attend?” If that isn’t a convincing enough reason to add this to your calendars, then you’re likely doing something wrong. 

Speed dating has been popular for decades and was originally intended to be a means of finding a partner. Taking into consideration Malta’s relatively large population, compared to its small size, the event does make sense, especially as it can serve as a bridge to introduce people of different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what school you went to, or where you did your praċett, you don’t need much in common to sit at a table and see if you vibe!

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