Start Planning: This Weekend In Malta Is Packed With Events

From protests to parties and everything in between

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After such a busy weekend last Saturday with Notte Bianca (which saw 70,000 people descend onto Valletta), you'd think Malta's had enough of events for a while. Well, think again.

This weekend is another jam-packed one, and here are eight events you should keep on your radar:

Friday 13th October:

The infamous #ScrapTheCap takes to the streets

Over the last couple of days, Benna's rebranding exercise stole headlines all over the island. In between people either hating it to bits or defending the new milk cartons - especially their plastic cap - it quickly became one of the most talked-about issues of the last month. 

On Friday, a group of popular activists and cleanup organisers will be meeting up at the Luxol Ground in St. Andrews to collect all the caps they find there in an effort to collect as many possible and demonstrate just how many caps are currently in circulation. 

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A night of heavy music at one of Malta's newest rock venues

Local heavy duo Krishna and hardcore punk band Double Standard will be hitting Żebbuġ's The Garage this weekend for a proper Friday the 13th extravaganza. Also playing on the night will be Lady Lizard, a stoner rock band which is set to bring something new to the local metal scene.

Saturday 14th October:

Malta's first official cannabis legalisation movement launches its manifesto... with an afterparty thrown in for good measure!

A group of Maltese people from all walks of life officially formed the country’s first pressure group advocating the full legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes last week.

Now, ReLeaf are launching their manifesto at a press conference on Saturday morning. And when that's done, they'll be heading to Manoel Island's Funky Monkey to party the night away.

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A night of classic electro at a classic venue

A four-DJ lineup at Liquid Club is just what the doctor this weekend ordered if you're into electro and techno music. 

Bringing out the best bleeps and bloops, this night is a collaboration between local promoters Cult Society and Frekwenzi. 

The return of one of Malta's biggest metal bands

Forsaken have established themselves as one of the most popular metal bands in Malta, attracting hundreds of locals and foreigners to their gigs.

This Saturday, they're back with a new doom metal album which has their fans ready for the next stage of Forsaken.

Sunday 15th October:

A "cleanup adventure" just off the Coast Road

Camilla Appelgren, the Swedish-Maltese woman who's been leading dozens of cleanups around the island over the last year, will this time be taking to Saint Mark's Tower just off the Coast Road for a cleanup with a twist.

"BBQ season is over and the mess near the tower is towering," the event description quips, promising a Sunday afternoon with good company and an even better cause.

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The official screening of a local band documentary

A decade later, nosnow/noalps are still making waves within the local music scene (and beyond, thanks to their frequent tours). 

After their successful 10-year-anniversary concert earlier this year, they'll be screening Moving Mountains - a documentary highlighting and celebrating all their accomplishments - at the Valletta Campus Theatre. Hurray for the indie scene!

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