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Summer Starts Now: June In Malta Is Stuffed With Great Events You Need To Check Out, And Here’s Where To Start

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The first month of summer is always the most joyous. Hardly anyone has fallen prey to sun stroke, most friendship groups are still intact, and some of the best summer events on the islands are already happening. So here’s what you should seriously not be missing this month.

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1. VII (Sette)

7th – 16th June 2019

2019 marks the centenary of perhaps one of the most ambiguous public holidays in our calendars: Sette Giugno. This brand new show commemorates the riots that took place on the seventh day of June in 1919, where six men lost their lives as a result of the uproar that shaped the very heart of the Malta we’ve come to know today (even though most of us don’t actually know that much about it). In collaboration with FĊN, Teatru Malta will be celebrating this national anniversary with a… musical, obvs.

The New Victorians direct, with Erin Carter as writer, Simon Bartolo as translator, Luke Azzopardi as costume designer with the support and artistic contribution of camilleriparismode Aldo Moretti as set designer, and ZfinMalta collaborating. So essentially, all of Malta’s top talents rolled into one banger of a production that celebrates a crucial moment of Malteseness. What’s not to love?

Tickets priced at €15 with concessions at €12.


2. TRANSformazzjoni Documentary Launch

Friday 7th June 2019

Prefer spending your Sette Giugno finding out more about trans peoples’ everyday lives in Malta? TRANSformazzjoni is a documentary that will allow you to do just that. The film sheds light on five Maltese trans individuals from different walks of life, as well as the wider trans community on the islands.

The documentary is showing at the University of Malta Valletta Campus and begins at 7pm. It’s supported by VOPs, the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations.


3. Street food, craft beer and so much more

Friday 7th June 2019

It’s only the first week of June and already you’re starting to feel the strain on your Revolut account. Nay bother – here’s a nifty event that is as free as we would hope our will to be. Taps & Trucks is a day-time event targeting a “mature crowd” and their families interested in finer street food and craft beer.

You can expect a wide range of authentic, international specialty beers and street food on offer, so its a perfect place for foodies, families, and automobile/bike enthusiasts. The event has a full events programme catered to both kids and adults, including games and musical entertainment.

4. Talk and Book Swap

Sunday 9th June

Calling all literary folk – if you are keen on attending a talk about decluttering and the joy of books by Malta’s only Marie Kondo expert Julia Barker, this is the event for you.

The event also marks the launch of the Free Little Library, where people can swap books and help the environment. Event tickets are €5 and wine will be happily served. Remember to reserve your seats before showing up by visiting the event’s Facebook page.

Talk And Swap

5. Rub a Dub Market

9th June 2019

Rub A Dub market can broadly be described as an afternoon session packed with roots, reggae, dub, rubadub, dancehall and jungle tunes. So anyone wishing to wile away the first of a handful of June Sundays steeped in awesome music and chilled out vibes should definitely head on down.

The event will also include a delightful spring market, and coffee to settle will be available to bring peeps down after the hearty lunch that’s on offer. Entrance is free and the fun times start at five pm at the Rocky Valley Garden in Spinola Bay, San Ġiljan (right at the entrance of Tigullio).

Rub A Dub Market

6. Valletta Film Festival 2019

14th-23rd June 2019

The much-anticipated, much-loved Valletta Film Festival is back. With over 40 feature films and 24 short films screened annually at various indoor and outdoor venues around the city, this year’s edition promises to deliver all the culture thrills you’d expect.

The fifth edition of the festival takes place from Friday 14th to Sunday 23rd June 2019. There’s also a competition involved every year, and this year’s selection will see productions originating from 34 small nations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. 12 feature films or documentaries will be competing for a number of awards in the feature-length section of the festival and up to 24 short films will be selected to compete for the best short film. In short, get ready for a hell of a lot of superb film-watching to take up the middle of your June.

Valletta Film Festival

7. Il Matrimonio

Friday 21st June 2019

OK, this is almost guaranteed to be the most random event you’ll attend all summer.

But it also has the makings of being the most fun. A Godfather wedding-themed party invites people to eat and drink in style, dress up in their best 1940s mafioso outfit, and party the night away at an exclusive venue. The event is said to mark the year 1946, when Vito Corleone’s godchild Giulietta is finally getting married to her childhood sweetheart Tony, in what is set to be the wedding of the decade.

The exclusive reception starts at 8pm at Castello Dei Baroni with ticket prices being set at €45 and including a welcome drink, finger food, food station and entertainment. The whole affair is being put up by OneUp and Event Malta and is sponsored by Stretta Craft Beer. It’s basically an offer you can’t refuse.

8. Franks Gin Fair

Friday 21st June 2019

Who doesn’t love a gin on the penultimate weekend of June after a week of work in the recycled air-conditioned confuse of their office space? No one, that’s who.

The second edition of The Franks Gin Fair is thankfully back, with a stupidly huge selection of gins – like, over a hundred – ready for the drinking.

Gins on offer can be paired with fantastically-varied tonics, with views overlooking none other than Malta’s scenic Grand Harbour! Live music and nibbles prepared by The Pulled Meat Company will also be available. Essentially the only down side to this event is that tickets are limited – so get on it gin-heads.

Franks Gin Fair

9. District

Friday 28th June 2019

Ending June on a bang will be the much-anticipated opening night of the music and other miscellaneous mania event known as District. This year, the party organisers will take over TREEHAUS, the latest addition to the popular event venue we all know and love, Uno. The new home for District will create a connection between performing artists, vining crowds and the physical environment. It’s immersive, it’s new, it’s big. It’s District, but turned up to crazy.

A line-up of eight residents DJs and six international headliners will characterise this year’s programme, buttressing the new open-air venue with unmissable music and insane vibes every Friday night. The end of June brings no end to the fun times to be had.


Share this list with the people you know are pumped for summer to get well and truly started!

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