The Best Places In Malta To Spend This Christmas Eve

It's beginning to feel a lot like Krismiss


Now that we're officially one month away (and excitedly counting!) to Christmas Eve, here's where you can see off the 24th of December with your family and friends. 

Whether you're into a good old traditional religious celebration or a long night of partying, we've got you covered.

1. Midnight Mass

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One of the oldest traditions in Malta for many people is the Christmas Eve midnight mass, and it's still going strong. With sites like doing their very best to take our religious traditions into the twenty-first century, you can now very easily find which mass is happening at what time. 

If you can't make up your mind we'd recommend either the midnight mass in or the one in Siġġiewi – especially seeing as the parish church is dedicated to good old Saint Nick! Remember to let us know which priedka tat-tifel you think is best. #priedkawars

2. Xmas Eve at The Villa

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GET IT will be hosting this year's reindeer-themed Christmas Eve event at The Villa, with the festivities being spread over three main areas. With everything from live music on the terrace to house music (with a generous side of good old hip hop), this one's a guaranteed winner. 

If you're planning on going, you'd better book ASAP!

3. (Very) Early Morning Buffet

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Another tradition that's recently caught on in Malta is heading to a hotel at about 1am right after midnight mass and stuffing face with a delicious super early Christmas Day Buffet. 

While pretty much each and every hotel in the country is incorporating this idea in their calendars, we'd recommend the Grand Hotel Excelsior Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner if you want to feel fancy AF.

4. Charles Chipperfield Circus

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Kicking off on the 24th of December and carrying on until the 8th of January, the Charles Chipperfield Circus is definitely a unique way to spend Christmas Eve this year!

5. A Christmas Carol

The most successful theatre adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens tale is coming to Malta! After making a hit in Tokyo, Munich, Liverpool, Madrid, Hong Kong, Prague and Athens, it's our turn  to experience this high powered musical production at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.  

And if you miss out on the Christmas Eve show, there's another happening on Christmas Day. Sweet!

6. A Critical Classmas

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If you're all about some good old nostalgia this Christmas, then this is the place to be on it's eve. This one's a joint effort by the alternative 80s promoters A Critical Mass and CLASS (who are just fresh off their highly successful Class of 95 II party), this one's for all the memories. 

BONUS: Stay in with mulled wine and a couple of loved ones

Staying In Yes

As with each and every other special day, staying in is still very much on the table. So crack open a bottle of your warmest mulled wine, gather all your friends and family around, and get a head start on gift opening!

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