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The Best Places In Malta To Spend This New Year’s Eve

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Every single year, at least one person you know always comes out and vouches that he wants to do something completely different this year for NYE. Sometimes, that person is actually you. 

Whether you want to radically change up your plans to welcome 2017 or are still unsure as to which event to go to, here’s a bit of a rundown of what’s what on the big night:

1. Valletta 2017

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For yet another year, V18 — with  the Ministry of Culture, the Valletta Council and the Ministry for Tourism — will be taking care of the New Year festivities in the capital city. 

There’ll be a wide variety of things to see and do, including a 3D Architectural Mapping light show on the façade of the Grandmaster’s Palace (which would have been in place earlier during Christmas Week), standup comic drama, a huge audio visual countdown to some of the best hits of the year, and of course some good old Maltese firework displays.

2. MOkSHA New Year’s Eve – NYE by Duncan F

Screen Shot 2016 11 22 At 13 23 44

Duncan F, Alex Thomson, Tiffany, Julian Drury, Twain, Danny Vibe, Claytonsane, Dom, Bobz – if awesome DJs is what you’re after as you nose-dive into 2017 then MOkSHA is where you need to be. It’s happening at one of Malta’s most magically nostalgic venues – Fortizza – and don’t even start to worry about it, parking won’t be a problem. They’ve got you covered.

Ticket prices cater to a everyone’s budget. If you’re quick about it you can get go Early Bird Tickets: €25 will get you access to all areas with a free drink, €50 means full access with a 75cl bottle of alcohol and mixers, and €100 includes one premium bottle (the fancier alcohol) & mixers and access to all areas. More info on how to get tickets here.

3. NYE Impressions

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 12 19 06

If you’re still a big fan of the Maltese band Airport Impressions, there’s not really anywhere else you should be looking at for this New Year’s Eve. Also featuring a duo DJ set by El Gringo and DJ Mykill, this black tie NYE do is going down at Villa Blanche in Safi.

4. The Narcos NYE

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 12 20 19

Yes, this exists. More info out soon on this open bar at Tigullio. Vamos De Fiesta!

5. Versatile Brass NYE Gala

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 12 30 20

It was inevitable that one of Malta’s newest mainstream heavyweights on the block would team up with someone like Ira Losco, who’s arguably her own brand by now. A New Year’s Eve Gala at the Intercontintenal Arena, this will most probably be sold out regardless of how much it costs.

6. Backyard x vaccine III

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 12 36 51

If you’re looking into something completely different to the above, then get ready to get a taste of the techno underground at Liquid (where else?!). Featuring a stellar lineup including the likes of serial depth and U-Jack, with +Error_404 visuals. 

No fancy dress, no over-hype, just a night of quality music…for the third successful year running. The event is limited to 400 people and the first batch of tickets goes on sale on November 23rd, which means if you’re interested, you need to act pretty fast. 

7. The Villa NYE

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 12 43 10

The Villa’s back with its usual winning formula of venue + open bar + finger foods + DJs combination, this time also getting a live band thrown in the mix for the early hours.

8. Ziggy NYE

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 12 46 56

Ziggy rarely goes small anymore even for a simple weekly party, so you can imagine what he’s got in mind for a NYE party at Aria Complex featuring special guest DJ Ruby. If you’re into what Ziggy normally has to offer, this will definitely be a roided-up version of that.

9. 100% Underground: D-Deck

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 13 15 36

Paceville still has it going on this NYE, especially in one of the new homes of the underground, Clique. Bringing you legendary Italian DJ & Producer D-Deck, and also featuring DJ Ruby….yep, you read right, the Big R Man is going to yet again be in more than one place on the night. 

10. Uprisin’ Dread NYE

Screen Shot 2016 11 17 At 23 09 52

The Freedom Fighters are back for their signature winning reggae events, this time at the much bigger and better Razzett l-Ahmar / Mosta Badass Burgers. Jah man, dis gon’ be good.

11. Dom Pérignon High Society

Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 13 18 42

As close as you can get to being in the mile-high club on the 31st in Malta. An exclusive NYE party with 360 degree panorama of the midnight fireworks from the highest point in Malta, TwentyTwo in Portomaso. Fancy is an understatement.


Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 13 25 18

This year, SKY Club in Paceville (both Mansion and Playground) will be hosting a heavyweight underground night featuring Carl Lautier, Daniel Blade and a long list of other DJs, all performing alongside the one and only Carl Bee. 

The first batch of early bird tickets is already available from a handful of shops including New York Best and River Island, and this will probably be yet another sold out event. 


Screen Shot 2016 11 16 At 13 32 31

If New Year’s Eve parties are your thing but none of the above really tickle your fancy, then there’s a big chance that this the event for you. Four of the biggest names in the alternative scene have teamed up this year to bring you one big NYE event featuring live bands, electronic artists and DJ spread over 2 areas. 

All of this will be happening in one of the best new venues for the scene, The Warehouse in Zurrieq. A pretty impressive list of artists has already been confirmed, with new announcements and updates showing up on a nearly-daily basis, so keep your eyes peeled!

14. New Year’s Eve 2017 with Winter Moods

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Live music by one of Malta’s biggest bands at one of Malta’s nicest off-the-beaten-track venues, Xara Lodge. You’re going to have to dress up well for this black tie event, but it should be worth the effort. 

BONUS ALTERNATIVE: Stay in and surround yourself with what you love the most. 

Not Going Anywhere

Which, we assume, would be your friends / family / significant other / dog / cat / bird / turtle / big box of cheesy crust pizza. 

What are your plans for this NYE? Tag someone you want to spend the special night with!

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