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The DJs Behind One Of The Most Iconic Party Songs Ever Are Coming To Malta

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The 90s and 00s saw some of the biggest party anthems ever hit radio stations all around the world, and Malta was definitely no exception. Most of the most famous songs to come out of that era are still played in mass meetings and clubbing nights all around the island, and none are as iconic as Eiffel 65‘s Blue.

Well, guess who’s coming to Malta this summer?

Yep, rally up the gang, cause Eiffel 65 are coming to Malta!

The Italian Eurodance duo formed in the late 90s, but two decades later, their influence extends way beyond their slightly kitschy scene. They actually ended up pioneering features like pitch correction and Auto-Tune, which featured heavily in loads of songs so many years later.   

And while their international hit Blue is definitely their crowning achievement, it’s by far not the only song with which they took over the world in the early 00s.

Eiffel 65 will be taking the stage in Paceville’s Sky Club this August, and will be supported by a host of Maltese DJs, including J Joy and Mykill. Tickets are up for sale online right now, no doubt selling fast. 

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