The Electrick Travellers?! Two Of Malta's Most Beloved Bands To Join Forces As Massive 11-Man Band For One Night Only

This is going to be literally huge

Red Electrick The Travellers One

Love Red Electrick? Love The Travellers? You might've gotten a couple of opportunities to watch the two popular Maltese bands before, but get ready for a very different type of gig.

Red Electrick and The Travellers will be joining forces and sharing the stage to play at the same time as one mega 11-man band

Yes, you read that right.

The two bands will be blending for one night only to play a curated setlist in which they'll both be performing unique takes of each other's best hits.

It's all part of a very special concert that's aptly being called 1

Echoing the fact that the two bands will literally merge into one mega band, the event will be going down on Saturday the 13th of April at the Aria Complex... a venue as big as the concept itself.

Tickets are out right now, so get your hands on them before they disappear. In the meantime, stay tuned to the official Facebook event page for any updates!

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