The Perfect Valentine's Date For The Socially-Aware Couple In Malta

Cancel your dinner plans, this is much more important

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Most couples will spend tomorrow night enjoying a romantic dinner or celebrating their love in another materialistic way. But if you're looking to do something more meaningful, there's an event that should shoot to the top of your list. 

A number of people will be spending their Valentine's night in a silent protest outside the Safi detention centre, calling for the release of nine Malian migrants who were detained three months ago, supposedly to await deportation that never came.

The migrants were part of a larger group who were rounded up by authorities despite having lived on the island for many years. More than a dozen men were released over Christmas but nine have remained detained, despite criticism by the President of Malta, the courts and many NGOs. 

Tomorrow night's silent protest is being organised by a number of NGOs: Aditus foundation, Moviment Graffitti, Integra Foundation, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), The Critical Institute Solidarity With Migrants, Spark15, Migrants' Network for Equality and Organisation for Friendship in Diversity.

They are calling for an end to the "unlawful detention" of these nine migrants. And what a great Valentine's Day it will be if this protest actually helps to give these men their freedom back. 

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Chris Peregin